Memorial Day 2022 – Covid And The Other Unspoken Wars – Maple Hill Cemetery

So, I never have been known for political correctness, and I have no apologies in this. When I was growing up, I always thought of Memorial Day as a day of family remembrance. I don’t why. It was never “celebrated” in my family. Dad worked for the civil service and had served in the Air Force. But he was very tight-lipped about anything to do with his service or his job. There was nothing “gun-ho” about growing up, and his silence likely contributed to my officially skewed perspective of Memorial Day. We didn’t go the cemetery, memorials or any ceremonies either. As I say, we did nothing special, but in retrospect, I now realize our “lack” of observance was particularly understated as part of Dad’s reverence.

Well, all that’s fine, but I still think of Veteran’s Day as for the military and everything that entails, and I still think of Memorial Day as about everbody else that’s gone. A Day of the Dead if you will. Now I have a new twist on that perspective. After I got started doing my live walkabouts, they took a historic turn, and that got me started doing the genieology. And then I noticed several references of people saying, usually in regard to the Revolutionary War, that they were part of the war. Huntsville’s founder Leroy Pope insisted on his service, but the records apparently don’t back up the claim – in the official sense. I’ve seen what I think may be similar claims in the genieology too. It kinda leaves you reevaluating what war and service is because I think their claims have a basis whether they donned uniform and fired muskets or not – and maybe they did.

This spring marks the point, and hopefully the ending of, where more than a million people in the United States alone have died in an act of biological warfare – the Covid conspiracy. They may not have been soldiers, but they are the victims of war and they deserve to be remembered as such. And yet, the people of the United States cannot even come to grips with that reality. Last week some kids died at a school. I grieve for that. They are also victims of war but I have a hard time thinking they should be remembered above the one million by lowering the flags to half mast while still not acknowledging the reality of the Covid war. There is no theory.

One million is more dead than in any other single war in U.S. history.

It’s also disconcerting that main stream media has clearly become engaged as state actors in both those wars, or in each battle, depending on how you might define the larger parameters. Even Joe Biden, the “President” immediately politicized the school thing last week to advance political agendas under false pretense while lying and deceiving many of his constituents – U.S. Citizens.

It takes a special kinda dirt bag to wage war on the unsuspecting and uninformed in your own damn country. It’s like he’s a loyalist attempting to invalidate the constitutional principles that have made this country possible. The constitutional right to self defense isn’t the only right being attacked. The freedom of speech and the freedom of press are under fire too. Professional journalists today are hamstrung by their organizations and are being “self-censored” so that obfuscation and disinformation and denial of the wars will help to advance the authority of the enemy. What else do you call someone who wants to destroy the country and deny liberty?

I’m not an extremist either. I’m just not in denial and I’m not going to go along with everyone else who is, or who has some contraindicated ulterior motive that ultimately undermines the free world. I might also say, “militia” and “malicious” are not the same thing any more than the “tree of liberty” and the “tree of self serving greed” are. So, I’m not known for being political correct anyway, and this Memorial Day 2022 I’ll be remembering all those who have died in the unspoken wars – which it turns out is pretty much every-damn-body.

©2022 – Jim Casey