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McVeigh’s execution is the ultimate irony of ironies. He is damned by becoming the symbol of that which he hated most about government and the
system, while the OKC memorial, the stone blind pilgrims, the media circus, and the overall spectacle brings credibility to his philosophies.

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Bigger, better, faster, more! What else has been sold in the shadowy name of McTimothy and the OKC bombing? News articles! Lots and lots of newsprint and content and television. An estimated 1,400 professional journalists owe more than a day or two or work, employment for God’s sake, just for the execution. And all the rest, covering everything about the bombing, the victims, the memorial, the judicial process, McTimothy’s life and profile, and finally the execution. Writers, cameramen, editors, publishers, commentators, satellite truck drivers, and sound-men, all got a little extra job security, thanks to the OKC bombing. Who else has been kept employed? Security guards, prison officials, judges, jurors, police, construction workers, ambulances, hospitals, doctors, attorneys, paralegals, insurance agents, FBI agents all across the nation, the attorney general, and even George W. — the Commander in Chief himself — has enjoyed a few minutes of job security, all caused by McTimothy.

“A cottage industry” according to one report “that thrives on conspiracy theories” will be fueled for many months, and even years to come. Remember Kennedy and the Zapruder video tape? Oh, we watched, over and over and over, and still today you might just tune in on cable and see that one more time. Is it conceivable that they could be related? Of course! In fact, this writer believes so. The OKC bombing, and the final execution of McVeigh, clearly become the bookend for the millennium, and so therefore also the Apollo era and Kennedy dynasty. All in the name of the coming of the new millennium, and the legacy that this great and mighty nation will leave behind for future generations. The God(s) deemed that we needed a memorial. We already got a flag on the moon, but no one can go visit there. There wouldn’t be any happy meals to buy even if they did. What could it be for the coming of the year 2000. The conspiracy knows, and the cottage conspiracy industry means to expose each and every detail for us to ponder.

Or, would the Saviour arrive first, riding the white horse and bringing the apocalypse? When does the thousand-year reign begin? Hasn’t that calendar time thing already been adjusted a time or two? Some say the birth of Jesus Christ was actually earlier than the contentiously elusive “0” mark. And where did that last millennium begin anyway. How do we know where to end this one if we don’t know where the last one leaves off. According to the Jews, er, uh, Israelites, the 3000-year anniversary of Jerusalem’s founding was in 1995. That’s a city from The Bible. Surely there must be a connection. Even some Bible scholars say the birth of Christ must have been about five years earlier than how the calendar is set now. That would mean the elusive end, and beginning, of the millenniums was in 1995. The conspiracy cottage industry will explore these and many other connections for us in the coming month and years. And what a memorial it is.

Business, commerce, economy, coins! Lots and lots, of coins, changed hands because of McTimmothy’s bomb. A lot of people, made a lot of money, because of McTimmothy’s bomb. Surely then he is a symbol, an enduring icon, to some people, of commercial success. Even if he lost, he enabled their win. What an ugly perception, if surely to the trepidation of the victims. But also to the trepidation of Timmy. What has all that got to do with the constitution, and the first amendment, and the second amendment. It seemed like it started out that way, but then what about the conspiracy. Did it all really happen the way it looked on the facade. Must this underground warrior now wear his posthumous appellation of “hero” in humiliation, disdain, and mockery. Not because of the repugnance of what he did, but because of the exploitation of the event, by the vultures that themselves self righteously heap condemnation on such a reprehensible vermin as Timmy McVeigh.

What about the obvious religious overtures and crass commercial exploitation of the “worst act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.” And believing it was a conspiracy, and I do, what about the other perpetrators, the ones who are culpable, the ones who had conscience fore knowledge of the coming “bomb a nation.” I don’t mean Terry McNichols. I mean the ones in government who had conscience fore knowledge. And more importantly I mean the unknown planners. Who really choreographed this grande benchmark event. Are they still alive. Is it really to much to expect that the investigation and dispensation of justice dig that deeply. Is it even possible. Then it must be better just to accept this manifestation of justice as being as good as it can be and – keep your mouth shut.

The cult of silence. The cult of blood. The greater good! Didn’t McTimmothy say something about the greater good. Whose greater good. But it was efficient, just look at what they did in World War II. Efficient for who. Whose religious values, and whose creed. Timmy McVeigh is about as mainstream in American society as it gets. Almost everything he said and believed, short of the bombing itself, is an axiom for politically correct today. But he did it. Therefore everything about him, and everything that he believed, and everything he said, must be intrinsically evil. I wonder what Copi would have to say about that line of reasoning.

Of course, there remains the pragmatic. He did do it. He is guilty of the bombing, and the deaths. Even as an act of war, he was captured by the enemy, and the enemy determined to eliminate any additional threat, and to make him an example for any other who would dare to espouse the virtuous concepts of democracy and freedom and liberty in this way. Damn the constitution, he is evil. He got what he deserved … and Oklahoman City got a new memorial, and tourist industry, and the people of the United States got a new benchmark national memorial. So much more than just a flag on the moon.

Happy New Year! And welcome to the new age of the 3rd millennium. Now, I think I’m getting hungry, time for a happy meal.

©2001, 2012 – Jim Casey
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