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Huntsville Christmas Parade 2021 With Santa Clause

I thought thirty minutes would really just be the beginning and so after a little while I decided to move down the parade route and exit back around to take a look at some of the tree lights in Big Spring Park. And then – there was Santa Clause bringing up the rear!

Jim Casey TOCC TV rePorter Goes Walkabout – Veterans Memorial & HSV Depot

TOCC TV is undergoing a transition and upgrade with more video that includes live streaming. Check out this originally live streamed video tour of the Veterans Memorial and Depot in Huntsville.

Veterans Day In Huntsville; A Benchmark Occasion

My new beginning with live stream video today was successful but revealed some glitches causing poor video quality. This multi media presentation features Huntsville’s Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown.

About Valley Fellowship “Church”

Just so there’s no confusion. Valley Fellowship was based on overt, deliberate and systematic child molestation, human trafficking and racketeering.

Mayor Tommy Battle, It’s Time To Replace Police Chief Mark McMurray

It’s time for reform that includes a long hard look at the legitimacy of department policy, thorough vetting during hiring, reorganized training, legitimate oversight of department management, and a genuinely independent review board. It’s time Mr. Battle, do your job.

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