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Site preparation for Huntsville City bus station expansion is underway where the Sherman concrete plant was previously located on Church Street.

HSV City Bus Station Expansion

   • November 30, 2022

Site preparation for expansion of Huntsville’s super duper upscale city bus station actually got underway last week.

HUNTSVILLE – Veteran’s Day Parade 2022

Full video – Huntsville’s Veteran’s Day Parade right on schedule today in spite of damp weather.

R.I.P. Jeff Cook Of The Alabama Band

Legendary Country music band co-founder dead at 73.

Unfit Butler Terrace Addition Razed

Butler Terrace Addition being razed over health and safety concerns will get a makeover.

Saturday Walkabout – “Popup Parks” & “Treasure Hunting” Downtown

It hasn’t been too long ago when there were public outcries to revitalize the downtown that on Saturday afternoon was mostly reminiscent of a ghost town. Mixed use redevelopment with tons of living space has transformed downtown Huntsville in a few short years into a whole new experience. Enjoy the video.

White Street In Huntsville Closed Between Pratt And Goldsmith Schiffman

White Street in Huntsville Closed between Pratt and Goldsmith Schiffman.

Dallas Lofts – Future Slum Gets Driveway

Future slum, Dallas Lofts, appears to be getting a new exit onto Oakwood Ave. However, still no skybridge.


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