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Next live stream will only be on my FB profile page. [ JimPorterCasey ] I'll be livestreaming there on Thursday, December 15th about 1pm cst doing a walkabout of the Tinsel Trail and other decorations in Big Spring Park.


Annie Mertz falls to the wrecking ball.

Is It Soup Yet? Annie Mertz Demolished

   • January 24, 2023

Annie Mertz under the wrecking ball.

Huntsville Depot Historic Reconstruction Demolished

Historic period reconstruction building demolished at the Huntsville Depot museum.

HUNTSVILLE – Tinsel Trail 2022

HUNTSVILLE – Tinsel Trail 2022

Huntsville Christmas Parade 2022

Huntsville Christmas Parade dominated by Grinch needs reorganization.

HSV City Bus Station Expansion

Site preparation for expansion of Huntsville’s super duper upscale city bus station actually got underway last week.

White Street In Huntsville Closed Between Pratt And Goldsmith Schiffman

White Street in Huntsville Closed between Pratt and Goldsmith Schiffman.

Dallas Lofts – Future Slum Gets Driveway

Future slum, Dallas Lofts, appears to be getting a new exit onto Oakwood Ave. However, still no skybridge.


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