Danielle Fontenot

Danielle Fontenot Cross was killed, ostensibly, in a car crash in December 2003. But, clues reveal a clandestine subplot and human trafficking.


Danielle Fontenot, my Friend, was killed or so it appeared, in a car crash on December 20, 2003. A good Catholic girl, aspiring photographer, with a heart for the homeless – it was said. Her life cut short at only 20 years, seemingly in a car crash punctuated by the usual suspects, young drivers, high speed, alcohol.

But, the clues and the undertoe tell a different story. In truth, Danielle was the victim of Huntsville’s “coke” machine. There are different aspects to that system of organized crime, with different results and different benefits for different entities that work together to cultivate, stage, and storyboard such an accident in advance. There can be insurance payouts, blood and guts drama for the evening news and tomorrow’s newspaper, the addiction to the acerbic grief for the hounds of blood cultism, and the hair on the ass of the hottest new vocal group in town. The payoff for those who help can be all those, or come through in-kind favors including, employment, drugs, sex, etc.

In the case of Danielle Fontenot, the consensus is that some of those motivations played a role, but that there was an even more sinister, prurient, and amoral motivation – from where you would least expect. You see, the internal organs of a young adult are the best for transplant. It is believed that Danielle’s organs were harvested by Huntsville Hospital; heart, liver, lungs, etc. all removed – after “offing” Danielle on the operating room table – put on ice and sent to destinations unknown, maybe by Medflight. And, maybe, likely, to nearby Nashville where there is a high demand for transplant organs, and where demand would drive up the costs and benefits associated with performing such operations which can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in cash flow for the doctors, the hospitals, and all the attending technicians. And the recipients of course, have a huge vested interest in getting the organ they need – sometimes literally to stay alive.

Don’t misunderstand. Not every car crash, not every organ transplant donor, not every person who receives an organ transplant, is part of a premeditated human trafficking plot. Most probably are not. But, this is not a generalization. The truth is, Huntsville Hospital has a particularly nasty, and greedy, cabal of doctors who abuse their license in this and others ways. Indications are that the depth of corruption and deliberate malfeasance, in Huntsville, leaves no sector of medicine or law uninvolved. Accidents, injury, dental, psychiatry, obstetrics – all play a part in a highly organized system of human trafficking that also branches into other areas of the community eventually being intertwined into street level prostitution, gang activity, and illegal drugs. Danielle was their, very profitable, victim.

I bring Jeff Sessions into this conversation because of his recent comments about getting tough on crime. In truth, this just means using mass incarceration to alleviate the other problems in society like unemployment and poverty. It’s the easier, and cheaper, way out of being socially responsible that provides it’s own excuse for perpetuation of what amounts to a plantation system.

In the Jeff Sessions plantation system, people are quite literally nothing more than “human resources” which are to be managed for the benefit of the plantation owners. And the plantation owners are the aristocrats of the community with the most money, and the most control over resources – and who want to keep it that way. In truth, Jeff Sessions approach doesn’t reduce crime, it simply reorganizes crime in a different way, to be more efficient for the plantation owners, which actually will result in more crime, and more incarceration. Hence the very definition of “mass incarceration.” And in fact, the “coke” machine then heats up overall, and the likelihood is that there will be more crashes, and more of the white collar crime that Jeff Sessions not only ignores, but enables, and profits from. Rich plantation owners make a lot of big political contributions.

In Huntsville, there is also a huge body of still mounting evidence that shows our own police department is already immersed in deeply ingrained and systemic corruption that enables, perpetuates and even assists in the criminal activity of the Jeff Sessions plantation system. All over the nation, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, states and municipalities are providing more and more latitude to police officers to do their job anyway they see fit. They can make their own rules as long as the protect the aristocrats and the plantation. This trend is the most dangerous to our nation and constitutional democracy that I have ever seen. The insolence is beyond compare and practically a provocation in an already sharply divided country. It is irresponsible and literally threatens the survival of the United States as we know it.

I’m sorry, Danielle, I didn’t see it coming. If I had, I would have made them stop. Rest in Peace Danielle, God loves you, we all do.

© 2017 – Jim Casey
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Danielle Fontenot

Danielle Fontenot is, unfortunately, the perfect example of organized crime and human trafficking out of control. And, why Jeff Sessions and his aristocratic plantation system protected by mollycoddled police is not just insolent, but a threat to the survival of the United States and constitutional democracy as we know it.

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