The Million Munchkin March

THEY MARCHED FOR THEIR LIVES !!! Last week they did. If it were me, I might have suggested that an exercise in “run like hell” would be more appropriate. Ok, perhaps a little unfair, and out of context, but to make a point. Oops! …did I “roll over” the kids? One twitter post suggested anyone challenging the young marchers might be in violation of some kind of ethical code. And yet, the “kids” sponsored by adults held demonstrations literally all over the world. The world is big place, but the uprising certainly did not include the entire population of the world. They certainly did, however, make a formidable political statement that in theory could change the very foundation of constitutional jurisprudence in the United States. Untouchable? Me thinks not.

In fact, the ethical violations were in the schools that allowed the walk outs. Don’t get me wrong, those kids do have a right to protest and to be heard – and to be safe in their schools. They are, however, young and impressionable and they generally lack the experience and knowledge of life and the things to come in their lives to necessarily formulate an all encompassing decision on gun-control, and then to be exploited and trained and indoctrinated by adults in a way that is traumatic and highly charged emotionally. Encouraging activism is one thing, but deeply ingrained indoctrination is something altogether different. It really isn’t fair or healthy for the growth of the kids.

And frankly, I agree with Andrew Pollack who lost his 18 year old daughter in the Parkland shooting. He said changing gun laws is not “achievable.” Instead he focused his anger on suggesting that school security should be enhanced to prevent anyone from entering the school with intent to do harm.

That is an interesting point that I would extend to include cameras in every classroom 24-7 that parents and other authorities could access from their cell phones or computers to see exactly who is in the classroom and what is going on at any given time.

And of course, here comes the conspiracy “theory.” There’s no doubt in my mind that the entire school shootings campaign has been a carefully orchestrated crusade, most likely staged by the NEA. In short, the kids who acted as perpetrators are really no different than some young person indoctrinated by an international terrorist in the name of “Ala.” In most cases, the shooters appear to have been bullied by their classmates. During interviews, some of the Parkland survivors said that they speculated before the event, “who would it be?” and “if anyone it would be Nikolas Cruz.” That guy, very much like Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, was stigmatized by his classmates.

But that of course is a taboo statement in the shadow of the ultra-liberal “progress” that includes genomics and ethnic cleansing. Still, I don’t think neo-Naziism is a good boat to be on.

The real problem is the underlying conspiracy. The saying goes you can’t have it both ways, and while not always true, this is a situation where that statement is an absolute truth unto itself. The gun-control debate is fundamentally dishonest, not because there is some great need to hurry up and disarm the citizens of the United States, but because there is an underlying motive that will destroy our country and our freedom and our independence. The very soul of our country is at stake. We cannot allow the cult of silence to prevail or the conspiracy to go without notice. If the ulterior motives of greed and power win – we all loose. The school shootings are literally a war orchestrated to overthrow our most basic constitutional values. That cannot be allowed to be achievable.

© 2018 – Jim Casey