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Just Say NO To Seduction By The Parkland Social Bullies

NO doubt about it, those kids are traumatized. Unfortunately, liberal elitists and mainstream media have chosen to exploit those kids long before they’ve really had a chance to process what happened. It is sickening to me that they were given an appearance on the Tony awards. And that is why, if you challenge the ethical nature of this column, it must be put in context that the ethical violations have already occurred, and much, much worse.

The simple truth that has been ignored, is that virtually all of the high profile school shootings, from Columbine to Sandy Hook, to Parkland, are the results of a deliberately orchestrated crusade and are community based conspiracy. Alex Jones of the popular website Info Wars and radio host, has called Sandy Hook a “hoax” and even said it didn’t happen. I wouldn’t exactly characterize the event that way. I have no doubt it happened, and while hoax isn’t exactly wrong, I would say it’s a “farce” instead. That’s what it is.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the school shootings are a crusade, orchestrated as part of a larger campaign, and that it is, or finally has become, a war. Don’t jump too quickly to any conclusions about whom I accuse. I accuse no individual, not even the one with an obnoxious bloody ass who, after all, may have come by it honestly. What I do say is this. First, the shooters are exactly like a suicidal Islamic extremist. They are brainwashed, they are indoctrinated, they are “sleepers.” It is jihad at face value. And, it is also clear that their classmates, perhaps through the same process, choose their victim shooter who is bullied and disenfranchised. There is also an undertow of ethnic cleansing and neo-Nazism – just like Islamic terrorism.

This is where I often hear chiming into the background, “it’s their “coke.” Lovely children that they are, some people actually believe there is some sort of inherent right to engage in ritualized human sacrifice in order to get a little taste of blood. Some even call it communion. Well, here’s the problem. No one has a right kill someone else that way. It isn’t Christian, by the way, lest you think it part of “communion.” To be a Christian is to preclude the barbaric Old Testament rituals by definition – you must accept Jesus as the ONLY begotten son of God – that’s the point.

So, who am I to spoil their barbaric rite-of-passage. Well, regardless of whether you call it “communion,” or “coke,” or the “COB,” you are being seduced. No doubt, most folks get a little taste of this stuff somewhere along the way whether they want it or asked for it or not. Then, they don’t want to deny someone else’s “mea culpa” or rite-of-passage either. The trouble is, it now has become a system of deeply ingrained indoctrination for virtually all students of a similar age, year after year, with the ultimate intent to change and/or dissolve the US Constitution. It is no longer the things you call it, which are to cloak the evolving reality – it is a war.

And, I have to ask other “journalists” most of which I would rather categorize as “professional writers” (not flattery), exactly when do you pull your “anonymous” sources out of the hat and break the fourth-wall? Maybe someone forgot to tell you, even though you may be on TV, you’re not an actor. If you’re a journalist and find yourself in a box-set, I advise you either get the hell out, or start talking directly to God. Because, after seven-million people have been fricasseed in a barbecue box, it’s too late. It’s not that serious? It never is until it happens. (The real problem of course is the fifth bottle…)

A whole lot of other people in this country need to do some soul searching, and reevaluate their own personal (lack) of integrity. Yeah, yeah, money do goody good bullshit. An awful lot of blood has been shed to ensure we have a system that is fair and just and independent. It isn’t perfect, and it never has been. The reality is though, the system is closer to perfect than the people who are running it.

It’s not about taking away guns, it’s about figuring out what the hell really happened. If we don’t get down to the brass tacks of what really happened, taking away the guns will not solve the real underlying problems. And history invariably shows, the festering and worsening underlying problems always do end up being “that serious,” and there ends up being a larger war, and dictators and regimes that deny all human rights – it’s why we have a constitution (and the second amendment) – that’s the point.

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