Alex Jones Owes Nothing To Sandy Hook

Alex Jones is being sued by the Sandy Hook folks involved in the massacre because he called it a “hoax.” He’s already been forced into bankruptcy in an attack on constitutional free speech that amounts to defacto unconstitutional censorship. The judge in his Texas trial ought to be taken into custody on charges of sedition.

There’s a limit. In the first place, the idea of “hoax” is subjective. His “denial” that it occurred is so ludicrous that only a delusional moron with no relevant world knowledge would fail to see it as satire. It’s parody. It’s constitutionally protected speech by definition.

It’s tough for the victims, but the reality is that it is a conspiracy with neo-Nazi undertows. What Adam Lanza did wasn’t right, but the unspoken truth is, like virtually all the other (school) massacres, is that the perp is also the victim.

I have no doubt, Lanza was victimized while a younger student in that system. He was different, didn’t think just right, didn’t fit in and was considered a rogue and “unfit.” The other kids picked on him with the also unspoken approval of the faculty, and most probably by other parents who prodded their own children to persecute him with intent to enforce their agenda and to drive little Adam out of their “pool.”

When he grew older and realized the encompassing destruction to his life and future, he became angry and set out to take vengeance on the young and innocent reflections of his own beleaguered childhood. The truth hurts, but this is it.

The rest of the story is that it is a conspiracy, again with neo-Nazi undertows. It is with intent to undermine and deny constitutional rights, first to Adam Lanza and now to Alex Jones, and anyone else who seems to think their constitutional rights count and that telling the true story is important for the survival of our democracy.

Proving these blood letting conspiracies is problematic but if the families of the victims really want vindication for the loss of their little darlings, they would be supporting Alex Jones and his attempt to expose the conspiracy of carnage in the first place. How can you end the blood letting if you don’t acknowledge the underpinnings? No good deed goes unpunished.

Here’s some more cold hearted reality. Millions have died in a puddle of blood defending inherent constitutional rights, human rights, and the folks that are attacking Alex Jones and undermining this nation and the constitution owe all of those who have sacrificed to ensure our rights in the first place. And, they owe me, for denigrating moral and ethical values in this country and conspiring to deny a host of constitutional rights and freedoms that are inherently mine to begin with.

If you don’t believe in constitutional rights, in this country, you’re still free to pack your own shit and go live in China. Enjoy your Sake.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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Alex Jones Owes Nothing To Sandy Hook

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