NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Says Obama Can Pay For Sandy Hook

And he’s exactly right. The freedom and independence, and unalienable rights, that are recognized by the constitution have already been paid for by far more and too much blood to be flushed down the toilet of histrionic socialists.

In order to end WWII, the decision was made to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The grievous lesser of evils without doubt saved many more tens of thousands of lives than it cost. The gun control non-debate is exactly the same thing. When government and law enforcement have absolute power visa-vie only they have guns, society and culture disintegrates to the point of oppression not unlike North Korea is today. So cliché and yet so true: absolue power corrupts absolutely. In fact, it’s why we left King George to begin with.

The right to keep and bear arms insures that the unalienable rights of freedom of speech, the right of a free press, and freedom of assembly, and freedom of worship, remain a part of American human rights and independence.

But perhaps joining the stinky onion satire bandwagon, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre says that to stop gun violence in schools, like the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, there should be armed security guards in every school. That is a doubtful remedy since it is often the case that they are the ones who engage in mind bending proselytizing to begin with. It’s seems to me that would be like inviting the wolf to guard the chicken house. Perhaps in an awkwardly attempted non-sequitur LaPierre also lost focus when he attacked freedom of speech lambasting Hollywood and video game producers.

And so it should also be remembered that for all the good the NRA does in support of the second amendment, and unalienable constituional rights, the NRA is not the owner of the second amendment, or the constitution, and they do not have an intrinsic right to barter constitutional rights on behalf of the American people. The despicable attack by Obama and the socialist gun control advocates before the last Sandy Hook victim had even stopped bleeding creates a dangerous illusion to that affect. LaPierre deflected that psychotic group delusion successfully and is to be commended for his acumen. It just wasn’t their responsibility to begin with.

A better way to stop violence and molestation of school children is to give Big Brother a dose of his own medicine. Just like every other public venue, city street, and cop car dashboard, every school room and front door should be equipped with Internet cameras that can be accessed by the general public and every parent. If there is no expectation of privacy in public places, or during an arrest and video broadcast by Bad Boys, then how can a publicly funded school expect the school room activities of the little darlings to be private? It’s not an open invitation, because it would be too open. And, most likely, the primary molestation of someone like Adam Lanza, a “sleeper,” who was actually a pauper in the hands of the domestic terrorism puppeteer, would be circumvented entirely.

And, we can even entirely do without the NRA satire also.

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