Parkland Conspiracy Unraveling With Scot Peterson Which Hunt?

I can’t armchair quarterback what Scot Peterson did or didn’t do during the first three minutes of the Parkland massacre. But, I can extrapolate some perspective in light of the reality that it was a conspiracy that is clearly being denied by law-enforcement and the FBI. The criminal negligence by the FBI is not just inexcusable, it indicates in-depth corruption.

It’s entirely plausible to think Peterson was not located in a way that facilitated his entry into the fire zone during the first three minutes. On my old high school campus, it could take three minutes just to walk from one end of the building to the other. He’s a retired deputy, not active law-enforcement, and a School Resource Officer. Whatever that means. His training says he’s supposed to engage the shooter but, in reality how many SRO’s ever expect or actually encounter an active shooter? The truth is, it’s extremely rare.

That he attempted to asses the situation and then opened communication with law-enforcement arriving on the scene seems reasonable. Once law-enforcement arrived, I cannot imagine they would have wanted Peterson to do anything, for the next forty minutes, other than what he actually did – get the hell out of the way, and provide informational support. He wasn’t part of their team training and his interference with their methods might have made matters worse.

I’m really not defending Peterson per se. But, eleven felony counts for an SRO who isn’t active law-enforcement – stinks. It smells like he’s being shanghaied as a sacrificial scapegoat, or maybe prosecuted for his participation in the unspoken conspiracy.

The real problem is that neither the “fake news” media or the FBI, or Homeland Security are admitting what is obvious. It is conspiracy, it is not ok, and it must be prosecuted. This great nation will not survive under the control of gangland protocol and denial of due process while ignoring conspiratorial crusades.

© 2019 – Jim Casey

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Parkland Conspiracy Unraveling With Scot Peterson Which Hunt?

This great nation will not survive under the control of gangland protocol and denial of due process while ignoring conspiratorial crusades.

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