Sandy Hook Anniversary – The Shocking Arrogance Of Privacy

The good folks of Newtown have called for respect and privacy on this, the one year anniversary of when Adam Lanza waltzed into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and took out his revenge on twenty innocent school children, and six grups. For the most part, you have to respect the wishes of those people, most of which probably had no mea-culpa in the conspiracy at Sandy Hook. To them, I apologize, because there are things that still need to be said.

Don’t believe in conspiracy? One day you most likely will. Until then, just try to think through it and consider this opinion from that perspective. Because, for the many folks who signed their “mea-culpa” by going out to buy an assault rifle, they believe. The question is what do they believe? Do they believe that acknowledgment of their constitutional rights is enough, when in the media wake, and the ripples in the NRA, Adam Lanza is the 27th victim of Sandy Hook? Don’t they see his constitutional rights?

To suggest Sandy Hook was a highly charged political and religious event would be putting it nicely, if over simply. You who understand conspiracy should be asking, who were the exact individuals who “programmed’ Adam Lanza? Most likely they are still around, and to put it bluntly, these shockers of conscience are the lowest scumlife ever to slither on the planet – right in there with Adolf Hitler.

And why? The why’s are complicated and also debatable. But, how could it be possible that the national conscience has been assaulted, and the entire public debate revolves around the secondary issues only because they are obvious at face value? Gun control! The liberals scream. Are they at fault? My assault rifle! The conservatives and NRA yells. Are they at fault? Great content and a gut wrenching story! The media chimes in. “Who killed the Kennedy’s?” Mick Jagger asked, then proclaimed, “when after all it was you and me.”

No. Hell no. It wasn’t me, and I’m not talking generalizations either. I’m saying, Adam Lanza was yet another in a string of brainwashed “sleepers” who “acted out” based on the added motivations he had encountered throughout his lifetime. Watching the TV accounts, you tend to come to the conclusion that (in my opinion) Adam Lanza had become an outcast because he was different. Unnecessarily, he was driven into isolation by peers who were too busy and too insensitive, and just too much like kids – because they were. And because it was conspiracy, and they had been specifically indoctrinated to do so. He was a disease to be contained.

The inside line says his mother gave her blessing – again my conjecture – and deliberately enabled his tirade by making the guns and ammo available, and even by making target practice a family activity. But she had one wish, because while she lived in anguish over the unfair treatment of her son by the community, she couldn’t bear the thought of living with the stigmata and ridicule that would befall her if and when Adam followed through with the underlying scheme. And so, he spared her on his way out the door, making her his first bittersweet victim.

And so there is another facet to that why. Adam Lanza, it has been revealed, had Asperger syndrome. The reason he was different. And once again, people who have mental illness, or who are perceived to have mental illness, have taken the brunt of the attack by both the liberal, and the conservative, and the media. If there’s one thing almost everyone agrees on, it is that “that kind” shouldn’t be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights, without due process, and in spite of the fact that studies repeatedly show that they are no more likely to commit violent crime than the general population.

There’s even a group in Maryland who’s organizing modern day neo-Nazi Weimar patrols to go out and roundup people who they think might be at risk for psychosis, which they have decided to be the lynch pin for stopping the crazies from killing people. USAToday – Psychosis center aims to prevent violence They call it “intervention.”

There are several underlying motives for the people who want to destroy the US Constitution, civil rights, independence and liberty. First, because of a number of factors on a world level, the US is in an economic decline. As the technological revolution and the Internet are loosing steam, the new growth sector on the immediate horizon is healthcare of the retiring baby boomers – and the exploitation of genomic engineering. There are dollar signs at the end of that synthetic genetic rainbow. A lot of people in the Medical Industrial Complex stand to get rich from the genetic gold rush. Some applications of genetic technology will be a good thing. Already, however, there are indications that eugenics, and ethnic cleansing are the overriding neo-nazi targets for the new growth sector.

Second, the economic and cultural changes that the US is now experiencing has also given rise to socialized medicine – Obamacare. Everybody knows, all the young folks have got to sign up to pay for their insurance – because they don’t need it. That way, the old folks will have plenty in the coffers to pay for all the medical problems of old age. Well, that’s the nature of insurance. In the past, if you didn’t like your insurance options, or if it was too expensive, you could flip off the agents, and go your own way. No more. The first step has been taken making insurance compulsory. Eventually, as is always the case, the rule of the mob overtakes it’s own good senses, and then the desire to save money, and the greed of those who want to make more money, will prevail – and genetic engineering will become compulsory also. The risk factor of natural conception will just be too high when every perfect little baby can be a test tube supremacist. The borg is cost effective.

And then there are people who actually believe in the non-existent supremacy of human perfection. These are the guys who see genetics as an end to their own perfection. Ultimately, they are racist, and neo-nazi by definition. And frankly, at a certain point, the march to ethnic cleansing is not an exclusive “white” supremacist concept. Racism actually does present many different colors.

Finally, there are the religious cults who still believe in human sacrifice as a tenet of salvation. To them, their mea-culpa is their communion. As for me, I am Christian, and my God stated it fairly plainly. Jesus was the ONLY begotten son of God. If you are involved in a barbaric, Darwinist, monkey-tribe “religion,” you are in a cult, the same as the followers of Jim Jones, or Marshall Herff Applewhite – get out now!

The ground has been broken. The first sets of victims have been been targeted. The mass shootings are the crusades of war. They are orchestrated almost exactly the same way as when an Islamic extremist straps on a bomb and martyrs himself. He believes. So, dear friends of Sandy Hook, your request for silence in observation of your sacred event simply cannot be more sacred than the larger issues which are in fact the reality of what really happened at Sandy Hook.

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Sandy Hook Anniversary – The Shocking Arrogance Of Privacy

Finally, there are the religious cults who still believe in human sacrifice as a tenet of salvation. To them, their mea-culpa is their communion. As for me, I am Christian, and my God stated it fairly plainly. Jesus was the ONLY begotten son of God.

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