Tea Party

The Homeless War – In Your Own Backyard

About The Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM)

Warning – Eric Parker Acquitted – Another Enemy Combatant Goes Free

When Police Become Enemy Combatants

Who Is Parker Griffith?

The NRA’s Gun Totin’ Weirdos

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Teenage Palestinian activist goes from a jail cell to becoming a international celebrity. https://t.co/YBVoIws2Mi

Philippine police say gunmen kill nine members of a farmers’ group who occupied a part of a privately owned sugarcane plantation. https://t.co/GKj5eHJCND

The largest ship ever built for Great Britain’s Royal Navy is visiting New York for a week. https://t.co/9Q8V1NCVNT

A leading lobby group for British businesses says a majority of firms will trigger Brexit safety plans ‘by Christmas.’ https://t.co/kWnKtetfdB

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