Huntsville Schools Superintendent, Great White Hope Casey Wardynski, Propagating Socialism

Casey Wardynski the great white hope, appointed by then board members Topper Birney and company to be the Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools, that would quell the liberal black socialist uprising and restore the order and discipline of the great white American social order – is now propagating… liberal socialist indoctrination.

Media reports indicate an emerging pattern of disciplinary problems and trouble makers at the once exemplary over-achieving Grissom High School located in the predominantly white enclave of southeast Huntsville. The most recent debacle was a hallway brawl that – according to student video – appeared to include any bystander caught in the crossfire, apparently not unlike the lunchroom food fights seen in grade “B” movies.
If it were a homeless camp, Grissom H.S. would be shut down, cleared out and bull-dozed for being a nuisance.

Wardynski’s response is two fold. First, he intends to have school staffers engage students suspected of instigating such events by monitoring their social media pages. While his proposals only include following channels which are openly public, it is none-the-less disconcerting that he would essentially stalk the personal life of a student in an arbitrary manner. In truth, because the schools are an arbitrary third party, the monitoring might be considered electronic stalking – a legal issue. Either way, the concept crosses a line making the school system a defacto 24/7 big brother.

Further engaging in the tactics of a a communist dictatorship, Wardynski has also indicated that students caught video taping any such event will be expelled. No doubt, while at school, students are subject to any number of rules to maintain the learning environment. Controlling use of cell-phones should be one of those rules. However, singling out a student for video taping an out-of-the-ordinary news-worthy incident amounts to censoship. If I were a student, and all hell broke loose, and if I’m holding the cell-phone shooting video, I’m not the one swinging punches or even shooting a gun.

So called “snuff-programming” is not a new concept, but making the assumption that anyone shooting video in a similar situation has participated in orchestrating the event is a denial of due process that transcends school authority. I also add, I don’t even watch that TV program because I consider it an incitement to stupid and potentially injurious, even deadly, stunts. The TV producers still have a right to air the show.

Not only that, but the system of clandestine surveillance seems to give the upper-hand to educators who more and more frequently are caught engaging in innappropriate hanky panky with students. Should teachers, who are seldom held accountable for molesting their charges, really be given an extortive tool to ply their untoward desires? Me thinks not.

But, what is perhaps most ironic about the whole situation is that the second and third generation of emancipated single mom’s, broken families, and broken glass ceilings, are now producing more and more unruly, discipline-lacking, trouble making white children. The new behavioral problems used to be more commonly uttered among the better classes as being “them project n*ers.”

The even bigger irony is that those well-to-do, better-class, white-flight enclaves are also the ones most likely to be TEA Party zealots. Heh, heh, heh – from now on we can just call them TEA Party Nannies
. Uh, please pass the hat, the revenuers is here.

© 2016 – Jim Casey