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Roy Moore Brought The Horse…

Alabama has made the right decision by sharply curtailing the categories of crime that disqualify voting rights. Roy Moore has aptly illustrated the reality that the highly subjective so-called “moral turpitude” is in fact a vestige of segregationism. Roy Moore’s attempt to denigrate the Jones campaign for registering legal voters, is reprehensible and yet another act of contempt – by the hanging judge.

Retooling And How To Cut The Pie

You can’t beat Trump. But, Trump can improve. He said this morning that he wants to end poverty and that people live in poverty because they need a job. That’s only partly true. The truth is, many people live in poverty that have a full time job. The democrats want to redistribute wealth with a […]

The Fish Is Dead – Or Is It?

The death of Antonin Scalia certainly does add a new dimension to this presidential election. Obviously, the Republican candidates will say the next president, presumably one of their own, should appoint his replacement. But, even if congress can stall for an entire year, can Trump really be trusted to make the appointment? Even though I […]