The Impeachment War

If you had told me forty years ago that American politics would take such a dirty nasty turn as it has since Obama left office, I wouldn’t have believed it. As old as I am, I’m still too young to appreciate the political turmoil of the sixties, but I imagine what is occurring now must be comparable in it’s own way.

What happened in the sixties was something that I was more or less in agreement with. It was about constitutional rights, and individual rights and equality – or so it seemed. Changes needed to be made, but as it turns out, not all were for the better. Still, it was cultural upheaval that was brought about by a number of factors that made those changes a force majeure of sorts.

The extremely dirty politics being projected by Nancy Pilosi and the socialist democrats, however, are really not like the sixties. Over and over again, they say something is illegal, when it turns out it isn’t. Over and over they say “impeachment” when in fact there is nothing impeachable.

They attack Donald Trump, not because he’s done anything wrong, but because they simply don’t like his policy. In the latest round, it’s obvious at face value that if anyone did anything corrupt it was Hunter Biden who got in bed with Ukrainian corruption which could have politically benefited his dad Joe Biden. Trump IS the whistle blower.

The socialist democrats make up their own rules, claim it is “law,” and then set out to undermine and destroy the explicit edicts of the constitution, to illegally deny and abridge the second amendment, to deny due process, to interfere with and deny freedom assembly, to engage in censorship and deny freedom of media… The socialist democrats are fighting a war, have often become violent when they don’t get their way and clearly have no intention of upholding the foundations that have allowed this nation to progress in the positive ways that it has.

Donald Trump is no angel. He pushes the envelope in a lot of ways, some of his policies are short sighted, and I don’t care for the malicious undertow that is often unspoken or echoes in cryptic undertones. He’s beholden to the TEA Party Zealots which are cut-throat, socially irresponsible and can arguably be regarded as fueling the backlash by the socialist democrats in the first place.

But, it isn’t about Trump. There’s no excuse for the socialist democrats leaving the southern border insecure, for allowing terrorists to enter from foreign nations, or to send food stamps to the indigenous natives of the Amazon jungle.

The sixties are over. Changes were made. The socialist democrats must accept a better nation but in the framework of our constitution and accept the fact that this is a free and independent nation. Outright socialism was not part of the Kennedy deal.

The socialist democrats are playing a very, very dangerous game. In fact, they are fighting a war and have crossed a line that will not be in anyone’s best interest if they don’t stop, and dial it back. Much blood has been shed for independence, freedom and constitutional rights. Nancy Pilosi, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren may find that there is a “sleeping giant” in the United States of America that has been patient, but isn’t likely to remain complacent if their constitutionally subversive attacks becomes “successful.”

©2019 – Jim Casey

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