Here’s My Mid Term Analysis

Voting spelled out
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An awful lot of commotion has surrounded the midterm elections coming up next Tuesday, November 6th. But, are they really all that important, or as a great man once said while shaking his spear; are they “much ado over nothing.”?

According to my way of thinking, it’s a mixed bag. That is based on the not completely confident projections that say the Democrats will win the House and the Republican’s will retain control over the Senate. Which is about what I expect. Trump still has two more years as president.

Politically speaking for the short-term, that outcome would simply mean legislative grid lock for the next two years. As a voter who don’t much like big government, I think, and I think a lot of American’s will think – that’s actually a good thing. Most of the time good government really just means not messing things up worse than they already are and right now at face value things aren’t too bad.

The “democrats,” who are really socialists nowadays, are the ones who are all fired-up because they don’t like the reality, not only that there is a new conservative Supreme Court justice that will swing the court for an entire generation, but the fact that the days of squelching the conservative right perspective have effectively ended. It amazes me that the socialist pre-indoctrination so easily allows them to single out Mr. Trump for criticisms that usually completely and totally discounts the fully half of American voters who put him in office. Yo, they be here too.

That has been the nature of “affirmative action” over the last forty years or so. Many in my generation sat back and watched as some of the evils of the past have gone through a process of reconciliation that has included the expectation that “privileged” people take a step back or step aside, while others were allowed to move forward even when they weren’t as capable or as well-qualified, whether in the arenas or education, employment or politics. It was the right thing to do, for awhile. But only for awhile, because while it has been the right thing to do, the fact is many of the “privileged” from an entire generation simply had no culpability or responsibility for the sins of the past to begin with. They were just acting in good faith.

It isn’t in good faith, however, for the mainstream media to continue it’s “moratorium” on conservative perspectives – it’s censorship. The new generation of socialists cannot even conceive of that reality because they are so completely indoctrinated. It isn’t in good faith to continue “affirmative action” which in fact is reverse discrimination, against people who were innocent from the beginning.

The new generation of socialists cannot even conceive of the reality that they are no longer automatically entitled to “affirmative action” because their indoctrination doesn’t allow them to see their own unfairness, inadequacies and bias’s. They become violent over freedom of assembly, and they even censor freedom of speech at “progressive” universities. They have their own system of discriminatory paper bag tests. They cannot begin to conceive that the civil rights movement was only possible because of the constitution they so quickly denounce and flush down the toilet.

Today we see yet another ridiculous example of overzealous politically correct, which is in fact reverse discrimination, against Megyn Kelly. She’s not really my favorite person, she’s not even a Trumpinaut (she probably will be now, along with her $69M severance), and yet NBC has put the kibbutz on her new morning show because she said something about “black-face” for Halloween.

What? So, if dressing up like an admirable black person for Halloween is not acceptable, how is it possible for black people to dress up and engage in revisionism and “white-face” in the Broadway show “Hamilton?” It’s EXACTLY the same thing. The two-faced, double standard of hypocrisy can’t be tolerated no mo! If you is black, have a sense of humor. God knows Hamilton do, if he don’t he’d uh come back from the dead already.

But please don’t misunderstand, because while I am conservative, I don’t and never have agreed with the cut-throat policies of the ultra-right. Even still, stacking the socialist deck with illegal aliens is not acceptable. I don’t believe in all out socialism, but I’m still in favor of benefits for those who need them, and without the socialists strings that the TEA Party zealots want to attach. I believe in freedom of religion, but I can’t go along with commercial business’s who think they should get a religious exemption. It’s absurd, I don’t care who said what on the Supreme Court.

But the problem is, the generation of socialists who want to take over and yet have no clue what the hell they are really doing, are actually within reach of doing so. As demographics change, and the smoke blowed up their kaboose has thickened, it’s theoretically possible that the United States will go fully socialist in 20-40 years. Now, that’s not the midterm election, but the stage is being set, or not, right now.

The midterms are going to put the brakes on, but they won’t stop the car or put it into reverse. That’s probably a good thing even from the Republican perspective because while Mr. Trump has successfully heated up the economy, the longest running bull market in stock market history probably should cool just a bit prior to staging it’s own cataclysmic crash. The fundamental economic restructuring probably means a shake-up of previous market patterns that could actually be god for all.

So, things cool off for a couple of years. In the longer term, the socialist loose some steam and Trump gets another chance in 2020. And even then, the story won’t yet be told because the conservative swing on the Supreme Court is going to fundamentally change the system of indoctrination. The next generation is going to be conservative! But, will they arrive in time? Well, it’s a cliff hanger to be sure.

The worse news is that politics is likely to become more extreme to the left and to the right in the next twenty years. While I’m not ultra-right, I’m conservative, and I don’t see letting the ultra-socialists take over. Unfortunately, the ultra-socialists are emboldened by their ignorance and a skewed perspective rooted in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

I’ve been telling the ultra-left for years just how hypocritical they really are, and just how ridiculous they really are, but of course, they don’t listen. I said to them, “there’s going to be a backlash because you are unreasonable.” They wouldn’t listen. Well, Donald Trump is here and the backlash has begun; and it won’t end when he does leave.

The mockish pipe bombs have been flying. There’s an arrest today. And today without knowing the motivation of whoever is responsible for those devices, to me it looks like a satirical closure to the last forty years or so. Which is to say, it’s the opening of a whole new phase, and I wonder how long until the mockishness ends. I hope not, but I fear that it will, and as if prophetically, guns aren’t going to be the only domestic violence problems that the country is probably going to face.

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