Rock Church Blab And Grab Boondoggle

Rock Church Boondooggle don't jive with Sherman sale.

Jesus, yasss, we do love Jesus. Especially when Jesus provides the cover for shady land grab deals that couldn’t otherwise stand the light of day. You may have noticed last week that Rock Church bought the old S.R. Butler High School to the fly away tune of four-million dollars. The school that closed last year is situated on 34 acres located on Holmes Avenue just west of downtown. In the interest of disclosure, not only am I a graduate of Butler, but I served as class president for both my junior and my senior years.

At first blush most folks probably wouldn’t question the numbers, but then I got to thinking about some of the other deals for choicey land in Huntsville. The most recent of which is the Sherman Concrete company which sold to the City of Huntsville several months ago. Sherman was paid about two-million dollars for only four acres of land, which included their mixing equipment, towers and buildings. Passing by the old facility from time to time that has been located on southeast corner of Church and Pratt forever, I think it’s safe to say the old buildings were fully amortized. The same could be said for the considerably more extensive buildings making up Butler High School. While the city of Huntsville has demolished the Sherman facilities to make way for road improvements, Rock Church has indicated their intention to renovate and use the buildings located there.

So, let’s run the numbers. The City bought about 4 acres for about two million from Sherman, making the per acre price about half a million each. The Sherman land is located just north of downtown, and while it is centrally located prime real-estate, not much else would’ve fit on the property which is likely to remain light industrial. The Butler High property fetched the City of Huntsville (schools), with usable buildings and a lot of prime land on a single very flexible parcel, only four-million for 34 acres making the per acre price only about 118K. To my way of thinking, the Butler property is much more desirable now, and likely to increase sharply as downtown, mixed use, and the medical district, spreads to the west. So why would the city spend five times more to buy property, where they could even declare immanent domain, than they sell even better property for?

Well, guess what. While Rock Church hasn’t been a topic on TOCC TV before, I already know this. They were also represented so long ago at another Huntsville City School, Madison Pike elementary, also engaging students inappropriately in what I have already exposed as a child molestation, torture, human trafficking, and racketeering scheme. Bingo. But, there’s more. Because while I haven’t documented Rock Church on TOCC TV, I certainly have had encounters with representatives of Rock Church in the past few years, and I have quite a bit of documentation in the form of emails and registered letters implicating Rock Church as a participant with the IMS and it’s human trafficking, laundering, and racketeering scheme. Bingo.

At this point, having had similar conversations before, I like to provide a disclaimer by saying there are a lot of good folks who participate with Rock Church in good faith. Unfortunately, however, Rock Church is a cult, and many good folks often don’t know what the other hand is really up to – which amounts to a hate cell terrorist group.

It goes like this. The City of Huntsville, run by mob thugs, allows school children to be psychologically abused, and sometimes physically abused, in order to facilitate willing victims who as they grow older are driven into illicit activities and compromised circumstances that somehow makes money for the mob bosses. The “Illuminati” for lack of a better description, at places like Rock Church, do the dirty work under the table and enlist their perhaps unsuspecting followers to help cover all their tracks. In return, Rock Church gets a sweetheart land deal that is undervalued at face value, and will certainly be far more valuable in the relatively near future. Rock Church stands to make tens of millions of dollars if they choose to sell – maybe to the Medical Industrial Complex, or to the likes of Jim Hudson or some of his other buddies. Jim Hudson again? Bingo! Because Rock Church now occupies property once in use by Jim Hudson’s ethnic cleansing research facility.

Jim Hudson, and some of his failed business dealings, has also been subsidized by the State of Alabama to the tune of tens of millions of dollars flying away from tax payer pockets, while he goes about spending his loot on lucrative real-estate ventures and redevelopment in downtown, along with his new and improved ethnic cleansing research facilities. There is even some conjecture suggesting that Hudson was behind ousting the Downtown Rescue Mission from West Huntsville where he is heavily invested in real estate – and of course, the DRM got another sweetheart deal, albeit for a better cause, when the City of Huntsville paid off Westminster Christian Academy previously located there.

Rockin Rebels

Butler High School in the good ole days.

Some other relevant observations:

It has been suggested that the mob bosses who run the DRM were directly involved in orchestrating the Lee High School bus massacre. Westminster Christian Academy, known for it’s ultra conservative extremism, has relocated to a new location in the “bedroom community” of Madison Alabama where there is clearly a parallel analogy to last weekends cooker bombs in New York, and the recent events involving officer Eric Parker and acting Madison Police Chief Jim Cooke. Westminster was previously located on University Drive at a location that temporarily housed Valley Fellowship Church, known for the death of Pastor Jerry Simon who was shot and killed by Eileen Janezic in 1993… in a dispute over children. Also in the interest of disclosure, I attended Church at the Presbyterian Church located at the University Drive property while I was in elementary school, and attended Valley Fellowship at that temporary location years later before it moved to the property on Holmes Avenue where it still is today… just about directly across the street from the old S.R. Butler High School. I think it’s referred to as a “crime ring” and probably has more to do with Jerry Simon’s death than anything else. Not to dismiss her actions, but Janezic was really just a pawn in a larger conspiracy. I ceased attendance at Valley Fellowship about that time for other personal reason, and have had no association with Valley Fellowship since then. I believe the University Drive property became a used car lot run out of Birmingham after that. There’s actually more I could say about that location, but prior to retaining an attorney, that might not be a good idea.

To suggest that the Rock Church Blab And Grab Boondoggle and the attendant combination of Church, municipal, state, and business associations makes up a conspiracy of corruption, ethical conflicts, legal conflicts, violations of church and state separation, human trafficking, murder, and other unconstitutional civil rights violations – would be putting it nicely.


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FIRST STOP Being Part Of The Problem

I am in favor of all people getting the help and benefits that they need, not in creating victims as part of a personal, business, or religious agenda which is illegal and unconstitutional. But, what more can you expect from a Jewish man who embraces the politics of ethnic cleansing and holocaust.

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