FIRST STOP Being Part Of The Problem

FIRST STOP, apparently emanating from Birmingham, is the laundering wing of the IMS engaged in cover up for racketeering, human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, and disposal of undesirables and their other victims. They are a front.

While it is true that they help a few individuals, they function primarily as a map to social services which are already available to those who seek to apply through HUD or DHR without their assistance.

Most recently they are engaging in fund raising that appears to be a celebration of diversity, which is in fact an inappropriate political exploitation also intended to deflect criticism of this very type.

I am in favor of all people getting the help and benefits that they need, not in creating victims as part of a personal, business, or religious agenda which is illegal and unconstitutional. But, what more can you expect from a Jewish man who embraces the politics of ethnic cleansing and holocaust.

I strongly advise that no funding or contributions of any kind be forwarded to that organization, and that legitimate Church groups step in to replace the deeply ingrained corruption at First Stop.

(This post is comprised of some comments I recently made on social media that I determined to be relevant for posting on TOCC TV.)

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