Donald J Trump… YOU ARE FIRED !!!

This is exactly why I have not actually endorsed Trump yet, although I did come close, now it will not happen. And, this is exactly why I am still running my own independent campaign for president. Because, Hillary still cannot be president. Just write-in Jim Casey for president.

Trump has just endorsed the nation wide institution of the illegal and unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policy that was in fact declared unconstitutional already in New York. There is no grey area in this policy. Stop and frisk is the very definition of unconstitutional, and will ultimately endanger police officers and citizens.

There must be an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE for the illegal, unconstitutional, fascist policy of stop and frisk.

And frankly, I hadn’t gone ahead and endorsed Trump when he recently referred to himself and the “law and order” president because I saw it as a red flag that indicated his lack of commitment to constitutional jurisprudence. He had left some wiggle room in this and many other policy statements which is why I had continued to support his more conservative approach. But now, how can we even trust Trump to appoint Supreme Court justices if he is in support of brazenly unconstitutional policy?

It is also troubling because Trump clearly does not understand the most important underlying issues of the BLM movement. Make no mistake, the BLM movement has done a poor job of representing itself on the broader spectrum where it belongs. Myopic black people need to wake up and realize that the divide and conquer tactics are not in the best interest of white or black people. The real struggle that they have identified is economic and classicist, more than racist, and that fact is verified by the several black men that have died from the excessive force of black police officers.

Never-the-less, Trump just screwed the pooch and it cannot be overlooked or allowed. His failure to acknowledge the real issues, pandering instead the the already over militarized municipal police departments in this country, casts serious doubt over whether he really intends to fix the problems of economics, and i.e. classicism. In short, he no longer is the working man’s president – just a racist fascist. I am conservative, and I truly had hoped for better, but cannot accept that kind of garbage as my president.

I can’t think of anything worse than Hillary Clinton as president, however, Donald J Trump is no longer viable and he cannot be president either. It’s time to ramp up the Jim Casey Campaign – write in Jim Casey for president.

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