A Prophesy Come True - "Take It Down"

S.R. Butler Rebels Flag of 80
When Art Stogner and his buddies tied a confederate battle flag to our class flag, as class president, I knew what I had to do - Take It Down!

The excerpt above was added to the TOCC TV front page contents on June 24, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. in light of the Mother Emanual AME massacre by Dylann Hood in Charleston South Carolina on June 17, 2015.

As retailers declared they would no longer sell confederate memorabilia, and amidst growing public sentiment to retire the confederate colors in South Carolina, and wherever they fly on government territory, Alabama Governor Robert Bently ordered the removal of confederate flags from the grounds of the state capital on this morning - which was completed by 10:00 a.m. CDT.

Art Stogner, Jason Moore, And Child Molestation In Huntsville City Schools

S.R. Butler Rebels Flag of 80

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“The moment may be temporary, but the memories are forever” – Class Motto

First and foremost, it should be said that Art Stogner was not my best friend. Nor do I necessarily approve of his actions on April 4, 2014, or the other mischief he perpetrated, particularly those involving his wife and family. Never-the-less, Art Stogner was a friend of mine.

Art Stogner and I grew up on the same street together, just a few houses apart and around the bend. We are the same age and went to school together in the same grade from 1st to high school graduation. We played little league baseball together. His father, who died just six months ago, was our coach for the last two years I played little league baseball for the Continental Cardinals.

Art Stogner circa 1980

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Art was a tough kid when we were little, something of a bully, but still the neighborhood kids mostly bonded together on some level, at least until they grew older and began going separate ways beginning with the advancement to Jr. high school. There it surprised me to find out one day that Art had gotten into trouble drinking beer in back of the gym when we were in attendance at Westlawn Middle School. I don’t know what surprised me most, that he had somehow acquired beer, or that he was so brazen as to drink it at school as opposed to simply playing hookie and going off somewhere to get happy without the inevitable bust.

Later on, at S.R. Butler High School, he actually became something of a nemesis. As Senior Class President, I had commissioned a class flag to be made so that our S.R. Butler High School “Rebels” would have an unoffensive symbol to rally around. The flag was green and gold, emblazoned with the year of our graduation, and sporting the universal “Rebel Man” most recognized as the Mascot of Old Miss University. One day Art decided that he would add some additional inspiration to one of our pep rally’s, and as the flag was passed around among the Seniors as was the custom, he tied a confederate battle flag on the short cane pole.

The offense was strictly taboo, and as class president I immediately considered it my responsibility to correct the problem. I turned around and headed up three or four flights of bleachers and down the row, grabbing the flag pole and demanding that it be relinquished into my custody. It wasn’t the sort of thing Art could be expected to cooperate with, and so we scuffled a bit, him tugging on one end of the pole and me pulling on the other – until the cane finally broke in two. All this occurred on crowded bleachers with unsure footing and so it wasn’t really a full fledged fight, probably good for me since I was no match for Art, who was beefed up like a linebacker for the football team. About the time the cane pole broke, he did let go, and three or four linebacker sized coaches also descended onto the scene, further breaking up any additional potential for altercation.

Before I continue this homily, I should also point out that Art most certainly would not approve of or appreciate the following comments. His family probably won’t either. Jason Moore and the Police Dept. probably won’t like it too much. Some might even say, “it’s none of your business.” And there’s the point, because it most certainly is my business, and while I intend no offense to anyone, my involvement will certainly cause some discomfiture.

A signer of the Declaration of Independence was another signer of the Declaration of Independence was another “Lewis Morris.”

As mentioned, Art Stogner and I attended the same elementary school. Then called Madison Pike Elementary it has been subsequently renamed Lewis J. Morris Sr. Elementary after the Principle of the school at the time that Art and I were in attendance there. And, it is no coincidence that Huntsville’s current police chief, Lewis J. Morris Jr., is apparently the son of that principle, the late Lewis J. Morris Sr. It is also no coincidence that one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was also named “Lewis Morris.” The association of names is where the malicious conspiracy appears to begin.

Update 2020.01.25:
At the time I wrote this article, I assumed local folks had immediate knowledge about the shootout between Huntsville police and Art Stogner. I’m including this media reference now so you can review the complete story.

• The story by al.com about the shoot out that left Jason Moore injured and Art Stogner dead

So, at this point, I’m going to spare you many, many, corroborating details. It would lead to many tangents and end up being a full length book. However, I will tell you that I began filing pro se litigation’s, in both the circuit court and the district court, back in 1995. Through about 2005 I filed close to thirty such lawsuits, all of which named Huntsville City Schools as one of the primary defendants, and specifically naming Madison Pike Elementary school – for child abuse and molestation that I endured at that location. In most of those litigation’s, I requested the appointment of an attorney. The failure of the courts to recognize the seriousness and validity of the poorly styled complaints, and their refusal to appoint an attorney, amounts to the denial of the constitutional right to redress of grievance. I still have copies of those court stamped filings.

The injuries I suffered have caused me enormous financial loss, social loss, family estrangements, and education, career, and political losses. I cannot even describe the enormity of the pain and mental anguish I have suffered, for many unending years, because of the abuse and subsequent losses I have endured – largely a result of abuse at Lewis Morris Sr. Elementary School.

That fact is, Art Stogner was also a victim of Lewis J. Morris Elementary school. Many will say that Art’s problems were because, as the first born son, his tough guy dad was especially hard on him. He was, but there’s a lot more to it than that. And, while his dad might have unintentionally “capped him off” in a psychological sense, he didn’t have access to the larger infrastructure needed to choreograph an event to occur 40 years later. The fact is Art Stogner was what is sometimes referred to as a “sleeper.”

The context of the 1970’s is important in the equation. Just awhile after the civil rights turmoil of the 60’s, someone apparently made the decision to affect social restructuring through overt means of “personality development” within the school system. High value targets, so called alpha males were chosen with the expectation that they would lead the heard in a correct direction in the new political climate. Many of the people who inappropriately walked through the school house doors to proselytize, however, had secondary personal agendas, some of which were political, economic, or religious agendas.

The extent and methods that were used to “load” Art Stogner were similar if not the same as the abuse I encountered. I recently explained this perspective to a personal acquaintance who said, “but he was a wife beater.” It seems unfortunately true that Art engaged in some garden variety domestic abuse. I do not excuse him for that. However, as I replied to my friend, if it hadn’t been for the mind bending brainwashing of his sub-conscience, he probably wouldn’t have been such a bully in the first place.

Today, I see in the news that Jason Moore, the SWAT officer that Art Stogner shot in the face with a shot gun, is suing his estate. As far as I’m concerned it’s the coward’s way out. Art was a working class guy, lived in a modest somewhat run down neighborhood, and although I have not conferred with his wife or family in any way, I think it’s safe to say – they ain’t got much. Beyond that, they have lost an income, which will probably disrupt their well-being anyway. I can assure officer Moore and his attorney Wayne Wolfe that the rest of the Stogner family had nothing to do with it, would’ve prevented it, and don’t deserve your retribution.

Wayne Wolfe made some particularly disturbing remarks, and probably should be disbarred for his apparently vengeful intent. “You disrupt his family life, unfortunately we’ll disrupt yours.” That quote from Wayne Wolfe is in today’s Huntsville Times. Wolfe apparently believes he should attack innocent individuals as a means of retaliation against the actions of one. The despicable tone of his attitude is a fairly accurate reflection of the corruption within the City of Huntsville police department, the inappropriate elevation of police officers into a demigod caste, and which has been exposed on TOCC.tv several times. TOCC.tv keyword: Gestapo.

Wayne Wolfe also fails to recognize the real truth as to what happened on the day that Art Stogner gave Jason Moore his facial. The fact of the matter is, not only was Art Stogner a sleeper, but he was “programmed” by racist militia bosses who fully intended to target a black officer. Those militia bosses ultimately control the police department, including the ever so apparent Chief Lewis J. Morris Jr. Much of the premeditated event staging occurred inside the police department, probably including individual officers with prescient knowledge of the impending event. So, Mr. Wolfe, if you want to sue somebody, I advise you start with Huntsville City Schools, then the police department, and then the police Chief and his family.

And for officer Jason Moore, I have no beef with you, and I certainly would intend you no harm. But, I’m telling you this for you own good, because it’s true. The enemy you best keep an eye on is your buddy in the same kind of uniform. Sacrificial squirrels are nothing new, and you have already been one. Next time your rush into a scene while your “buddy” lags behind, you might want to stop and seriously ask the question, “who is it that pointed me into harm’s way this time?’ And, fully intending the accusatory insinuation, Danny Golden and Eric Freeman might be alive today if they had asked such questions.

The truth ain’t easy or convenient. And the “refreshing blood of patriots” isn’t to whet your bloody ass. It is for independence and liberty. That’s my Declaration of Independence. Right about now I can hear the others who understand this story saying: The crazy thing about it is… it’s all true.

Declaration of Independence

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© 2014 – Jim Casey
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