NRA President David Keene Puts The 2nd Amendment On Slippery Slope

In the wake of Sandy Hook, David Keene, President of the NRA, made an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation this morning. During the interview Bob Schieffer miopically declared that it has been shown in cultures where there are no guns, there is less gun violence. What Bob, and even Mr. Keene, failed to point out, is that societies where there are no constitutional rights, no open dialogue and no individual gun ownership, the downtrodden and oppressed people eventually get fed-up, acquire weapons anyway they can, and an all out civil war results in a blood bath.

David Keene suggests that there should be a way to keep guns out of the hands of someone “likely” to kill somebody, also criticizing the incomplete nature of national databasis keeping a record of those adjudicated as “mentally ill.”

Over and again the statistics show that people, even those adjudicated, with mental illness are no more likely to commit acts of violence than the regular population. Mr. Keene also seems to think that airport background and security checks are ok. They aren’t. They violate the constitutional right to be free of unreasonable search and siezure.

Mr. Keene went on to say that the discussion isn’t about fully automatic military weapons, with the nutcase Senator from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison, chiming in her support for target shooting and hunting.

The rhetoric by the so-called “guardians ” of constitutional rights and a free and independent nation adds up to the slippery slope of constitutional erosion by redefining the second amendment. Arguably, there is no right to own guns for sport, or hunting, or even self-protection. The 2nd amendment clearly states “militia.” Webter’s defines militia as “an ARMY of citizens.” In truth, the discussion IS about the right to have military style weapons, including fully automatic assault rifles.

There is an under-tow in the equation. The media has made an issue of the all powerful NRA lobby as though they are the last word on gun control. The fact is, there is an even more powerful lobby – the Medical Industrial Complex. The media is largely controlled by the MIC, and that explains why the media, and the NRA, has chosen to highlight mental illness in the gun control debate, in spite of the evidence that continues to show such people are not more prone to violence.

Again and again and again. The extreme left and the extreme right continue to meet in the middle of the Obamacare mantra. The MIC wants, needs, to legitimize legal genetic profiling in order to advance their genomic, eugnics, genocidal agenda under the auspices of the expanding state sponsored healthcare. There are billions of dollars at stake, right in this country, in the anullment of the United States Constitution.

In my last column I warned, and I say again, the NRA is not the intrinsic guardian of the 2nd amendment, or more apparently, of constitutional rights.

Beware of the wolf guarding the chicken house.

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