Jim Casey's historic write-in campaign for senate led the revolt to defeat Roy Moore.
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Environmentally-friendly planes? The aviation industry says they’re decades away, but electric air taxis and hybrid regional jets are already a reality for these pioneers. @AP @acharlton takes a look. https://t.co/gpBbRQH8RJ

Iran calls drone flight a “very dangerous and provocative act,” urges international community to demand US end unlawful acts. Tehran shot down a US drone that it claims was in its airspace. Washington says it was over international waters. https://t.co/Kn5fo8QYZl

Wasilla or bust? Alaska legislative leaders are debating whether to heed the governor’s call to hold their next special session in his hometown. https://t.co/gWLGyUcTjf

A bellyful of binkies: This dog swallowed 19 pacifiers, but veterinarians say he’s doing just fine after having them removed. https://t.co/LJiL8VqhtG

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