The Mulie Report Lives Forever !!!


(Mulie hooves hitting the dirt.)


(Could be Nancy Pilose headed for the barn.)


(Looks like more of Hillary’s emails.)


Well, here’s what we know for sure. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction, and President Donald J Trump is exonerated and nowhere near impeachment. The democrats can continue to argue about who said this and maybe they meant that and the Mueller report really didn’t mean it that way – but that’s how it boils down.

On the other hand. I would argue that there has been some obstruction, and maybe even collusion, on a different level – by the FBI. It does seem to me that there has been just enough questionable activity to fuel the investigation, thereby giving Robert Mueller and the FBI something to keep them busy, instead of pursuing other more legitimate problems. And, the whole Russian investigation turns out to be the very definition of “fake news” provided to the mainstream media to also keep them busy instead of following after real news. It’s why I often call mainstream “journalists” professional writers, i.e. not journalists.

Mark Zuckerberg threw a bunch of folks off Facebook today apparently believing himself to be the omnipotent censor of what is real, politically correct, and what isn’t. I can’t say say support those people who overtly practice so-called “hate speech” but I do support their right to the platform that amounts to a monopoly of it’s own kind. On this day of Holocaust remembrance Zuckerberg may justifiably not like what some people have to say, but his censorship moves in the wrong direction.

Aside from that, Alex Jones, who was among those booted from booting on FB isn’t what I think of as extremist anyway. Jones started out proffering his “conspiracy theories” in an exaggerated form, probably to avoid the radar of censorship to start with. Since then he’s conceded that Newtown actually did happen but that it was a staged conspiracy. Guess what, he’s exactly right and why the hell doesn’t the FBI spend their time investigating that community based conspiracy as well as Parkland and some of the others? What, are they too busy riding Mulies donkey?

Sandy Hook Tipping Point Constitutional Last Straw

I know the answers. But, I’m not really talking to the kids, I’m talking to the “adults.” If it’s not censorship and organized crime one way, it’s censorship and organized crime another way. We’ve fought more than one war over these presently unacknowledged concepts, we even packed up and left England and King George over this kind of stuff. In today’s world of instant communication, it isn’t possible to think the censorship will be effective. And then it backfires because so many people KNOW, it’s more and more morally degrading, and more and more cynicism and ill will are generated.

It’s an undertow I’ve followed over and again. When the legitimate concepts of freedom of speech and media, and law and justice that are embodied in our constitution are disregarded as “naive and gullible” history shows the results over and over again as grave consequences.

The precedents are dangerous and destructive. That the FBI is clearly incompetent and/or part of the problem is foreboding. At a time when the country is sharply divided and practically in civil war over political agendas – maybe it’s time to rethink protocols.

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