Jim Casey’s Deep State Of The Farsee

There is no doubt about it, the Deep State of the Farsee is as strong as ever and billowing obfuscating smoke. In the 17 years since 911 there has never been a legitimate investigation into the premeditated orchestration of 911. Some anonymous sources say that large demographics in the United States had some level of forensic knowledge in advance of the traumatic national event. Others suggest that 911 was in fact a “Deep State” conspiracy orchestrated worldwide, not just Middle Eastern “bad actors.” Many members of congress are still today controlled by these cults.

As I write these words, those congressional intransigents are engaged in yet another dog and pony show investigation as to whether the Russians attempted to influence the most recent presidential elections in favor of Donald J Trump. And yet that investigation has yielded little more than the magnanimous, if inappropriate, generosity by Mr. Trump toward a one time fling with a showgirl who needed the money for her baby.

All the while, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, an obvious intransigent of the deep state ultra-cultism is undergoing congressional confirmation hearings that clearly are the target of Russian influence. South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, yet another congressional ultra-extremist who has exhibited a pattern skewed toward Church and State violations and with a high regard for aristocratic caste authoritarianism – actually invited Judge Kavanaugh to address Fred Guttenberg, a Parkland dad, during the hearings.

While the loss of Fred Guttenberg’s daughter Jaime in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas massacre on February 14 of 2018 is terribly tragic, it is also worthy of more in-depth scrutiny. The reality is that the mass shootings are an orchestrated conspiracy that apparently has intent to influence American politics and policy and it is possible, even likely, that the Russians have had a part in organizing it’s execution.

Further, the very name “Gutenberg” invokes one of the most historic advances in western history as the Gutenberg BIBLE ushered in the epoch “era of the printed book.” Mr. “Graham’s” name incites similar overtones. I also invite you to look up “Marjorie Stoneman Douglass” who was a journalist, women’s advocate, and – opposed to draining the swamp. While Fred Guttenberg may or may not have prescient culpability, the hand in glove confluence is as snug as a bug in a rug, and impossible to dismiss as happenstance. It appears to me to be RICO by definition.

Add yet another twist to the plot with the arrest of accused Russian agent Maria Butina who portends to be a gun rights advocate and who infiltrated the NRA. She IS the bug in the rug. The NRA has previously shown sympathy to Parkland types in regard to 2nd amendment abridgements.

Some anonymous sources suggest that the mass shootings conspiracy is also a crusade of deep state ultra-cultism. The chain of causation ostensibly begins with the Russians, or probably more correctly, the Russian Orthodox Church and then spreads through channels into religious ultra-cultism in the United States and then plays upon deep South animosity toward Northern aggression, which facilitates direct and utilitarian involvement by county and municipal law-enforcement – and intransigent congressional types.

Pardon me if the smoke is billowing. But, that’s why they call it a “farsee.”

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© 2018 – Jim Casey