To Hell With The Affidavit; Let’s See The Documents

So, my usual disclaimer. I never have fully supported Donald Trump, but when there’s a monkey wrench in the works, it needs to be flushed out. One thing about Trump, he may not actually be a genius but he is smart, and he’s not sloppy. Whatever documents he’s got in his possession and for whatever reason is no doubt deliberate on his part, and it’s not likely that he couldn’t foresee the search and seizure by the FBI.

Nevertheless, he’s not just a US Citizen, he’s a former president and it’s ludicrous to think any documents in his possession would make much difference if he chose to engage in espionage. More to the point, he has rights just as much as anybody else and the legal action taken against him by searching Mar-a-Lago and seizing property in his possession is a violation of his rights, i.e. a punitive legal prosecution. In other words, he has a right to face his accusers and to know what he’s being accused of. Ipso facto, the public has a right to know what the hell is going on. The redaction’s are unacceptable. Weaponizing the Justice Department is unacceptable.

The fact is, I can’t really conjure up a scenario where any affidavit should be secret in the first place. I’m sure the FBI and Department of Justice have plenty of answers for that, but the truth is, the FBI is deeply corrupt and the culture of secrecy is a part of that problem. If I ever might have agreed with the secret affidavit, after seeing the failures of the FBI in situations like Parkland, Sandy Hook and Vivaldi, I can’t possibly agree with any secrecy or redaction. It’s part of the problem.

So, Trump had his reasons and I can easily imagine the content of the documents in his possession might actually be the real problem with the affidavit. In other words, somebody in the affidavit most likely needs protection because the documents are the dirt on the dirty rats redacted in the affidavit. Trump should release the documents and prosecute the dirty rats.

As far as I’m concerned, the level of illegal spying on the American public by our own government has already been well established and the secrecy of conspiracies that are illegal and unconstitutional is obvious. The US government is addicted to it’s secrets, most of which are nothing more than silence for illegal activity by government in the first place.

Therefore, I think we Americans have a right to know just exactly what the hell is in those documents in the first place. If the codes to set off nuclear bombs is in any of the documents, ok, that can be redacted as long as the last four digits are visible. Beyond that, the affidavit and the documents should be released in full to the public for public scrutiny and prosecution of the illegal activity that would be exposed.

In the mean time, it’s ok with me if Edward Snowden wants to smuggle some of that info over to the AP so they can dispense it to the American public.

Because, we have a right to to know.

©2022 – Jim Casey