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Rogue House Members Attempting To Oust Marjorie Taylor Greene

First and foremost, it should be said that I don’t fully support the antics of the Republican House Representative from Georgia – Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is in my estimation a poser who doesn’t really represent the better aspects of the Q-Anon movement anyway.

You may have heard that a democratic representative from California, Jimmie Gomez, has introduced a resolution to expel Greene from Congress based on his perception of her rhetoric, mostly from long ago. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has actually distanced herself from the attempt by saying it isn’t the position of House leadership. The resolution isn’t likely to pass because it requires a super majority which isn’t likely in the House much less the Senate.

So, what exactly is Q-Anon? Hell if I can say. But I’ll try. It seems to me that Q-Anon is a loosely cobbled system of metaphor, analogy and symbolism intended to expose the unconstitutional excesses of “affirmative action” launched in the 1970’s. There is a big difference between what was going on above board on top of the table and what was happening underneath, which was and is by definition an illegal and unconstitutional deep-state conspiracy. No doubt, this is why it is such a hot-button issue because the benefactors of the conspiracy won precious ground, largely don’t care how it was done, and have no intention of letting it slip away.

The problem for Rep. Greene, is that she is actually one of the benefactors. For that reason, I’m not exactly sure how she was ever elected in Georgia to begin with. Representing a modified version of the conspiracy is essentially it’s own unraveling. To whatever extent the people of Georgia support her, that’s their prerogative. But in the larger picture, she is virtually the only Q-Anon actor left standing on the political stage and as such she functions as a target scapegoat that sublimates the legitimate aspects of the movement – doing more harm than good.

There are legitimate aspects to the Q-Anon movement. Which is to say that each individual may or may not have their own ulterior motives which may or may not be racist in context. The movement seems to be loosely cobbled based on that very reason. A lot of people were affected in a lot of different ways and while all seek redress there seems to be universal acceptance that people are individuals and individual experiences and perspectives are legitimate in their own right.

From my perspective, the Q-Anon movement is legitimate in one overriding factor. The deep-state conspiracy is real and it is unconstitutional. The conspiracy doesn’t always have a reverse racist backlash, but it often does. Most of the school massacres, including Sandy Hook and Parkland, had obvious political undertoes. I don’t justify the shooter in either case but the overbearing politicizing and obfuscation of the conspiracy is a smoking gun unto itself. There’s more to the story.

That’s why the attack by the House members attempting to oust Rep. Greene is so dangerous. They seek not only to censor the media, but banish any political discourse whatsoever that is contrary to the agenda they are advancing by that conspiracy. They are literally engaged in warfare.

There’s another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not perfect and apparently no saint. She’s made some knee jerk comments on social media that she’s dismissed as being out of context and from a different time. Everyone has done that. In this day and age of digital media if every little detail comes up squeaky clean, one way or the other, the individual has lived their entire life in an unrealistic bubble. A lack of real world experience doesn’t make for good governance and we will all be better off if the media stops combing the witches hair.

The bottom line is that Rep. Greene was elected in her district and it should be up to them whether or not she remains in office.

©2021 – Jim Casey

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