The New Chinese Master Class

CRISPR vegetation
CRISPR might seem like a good idea but likely results in dire unintended consequences.

No doubt about it. It’s an escalating arms race… arms, legs, brains and braun. And the Chinese are already winning with the announcement that a Chinese scientist has successfully used the so-called “CRISPR” gene editing technology to engineer two designer babies born last week. After world outcry the Chinese government shut down the experimental operation ostensibly in agreement with the incantations of moral and ethical outrage.

But why? Taking a more objective look at the possibilities, what’s wrong with engineering some extra smart babies so they can do all the hard core thinking? Once the Chinese have a master class of super smart individuals, they should be able to solve all the rest of the world’s problems and even accelerate the evolutionary process of designer babies.

They will correctly come to the conclusion that people are most satisfied when they are performing the work they are most suited for. They will be happy smart family. And then, they will think, it isn’t right that people who do less intellectually challenging jobs, like collecting the garbage, playing football or acting as government official should be less happy than they are. So, why not put the CRISPR on those guys to make them less smart?

Better yet, government officials don’t need to be smart or strong, and football players and garbage collectors likewise have different physical requirements to do their jobs. Simple, create a new CRISPR protocol to make designer babies for each category. I can well imagine that there can be dozens of categories each finely tuned by the CRISPR to make sure every person born will be just right, and no more, to do their happy job in life.

But, really, they only want to use CRISPR for good health – right? Of course. No more disease, no more headaches, no more aids. Mmm… probably could put the CRISPR on the LGBTQ community too. Just edit out anything or anyone that causes social conflict. A girl for every breeder and every girl a breeder too. No more waste. And, no more waist. No more diabetes, no more fat people – they’re unhealthy. Unless… the Japanese used to breed Sumo wrestlers to be big and fat. Maybe they can CRISPR up some healthy, big and fat Sumo wrestlers too.

I don’t know though. Will it really be good to have smart people and brawny people and other different categories that all look the same? Probably not, that could be caveat that causes social conflict. Instead, all the new CRISPR babies could be color coded. Yellow for Chinese master class, white for government and entertainment and black coded people for football. Black people love to play football anyway. And basketball.

Well, if it all sounds ridiculous and you think it’s something that could never happen. Guess again, it’s been done off and on throughout history including in the United States. It’s called “eugenics” and it’s illegal in all fifty states. The time to stop has already been passed as Planned Parenthood and abortion have become defacto tools of eugenics. And then, there’s the test tube engineering for sex like the Obama’s and the Clinton’s… and others have already used.

( It’s why I’m opposed to federal funding for Planned Parenthood and still look forward to RvW being overturned. )

© 2018 – Jim Casey

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