Merry Christmas To The Hucksters Of Homeless People? Bah ! Humbug !!!

Well, it is a terrible shame that there are so many hucksters and frauds perpetrated this time of year but, we all know there are. But, have you ever really thought about some of the ones that should be most obvious, or are you just looking out for the “Nigerian scams?”

Watching tv recently I saw a Salvation Army commercial depicting a homeless person rummaging around in garbage cans. It’s a graphic animation like a comic. And comical it is. It is true that the SA offers meals for some hungry people. But, they have to go to the lodge and may be required to surrender personal information like social security number. Are you under the impression that any homeless person can go to the SA and get a bed? Sure, but they still have to pay from $10 – $15 a night. Only when it gets really cold do they and others offer free beds.

The truth is that the SA spends most of it’s resources propagating their socialist political agenda. They help a lot of low income families, which in turn subsidizes businesses that don’t pay a living wage. Single moms who don’t want to cooperate with a husband can’t provide for themselves much less the babies they birth. The SA does help some people – just not the ones they exploit for fund raising.

Other “homeless advocates” and “halfway houses” are no better. They give the public a false impression. Take Huntsville’s Downtown Rescue Mission. They depend on the same religious cults that are responsible for orchestrating the “predestination” of human dumping to begin with. Then, rather than facilitate personal growth, they rope their “clients” into more religious cultism. The excuses of drugs, alcohol and crazy people are hugely exaggerated. Most don’t fit the stereotype. But if they do, “luv of Jesus” becomes transference of one codependency to another.

My advice this Holiday Season is that when you see a chance to give cash money to someone in need – give it to them! In all likelihood you will make someones’s day and there’s a pretty good chance they won’t abuse your goodwill. Even if they do, look at it this way. That person will be happier for awhile, and even if they don’t improve their situation, at least you’ve removed that much motivation from the affinity cults to perpetuate the cycle THEY benefit from more than anyone.

Below you will find some of the organizations and people who claim to be helping but actually perpetuate the negative

© 2018 – Jim Casey

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