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Danielle Fontenot

Danielle Fontenot is, unfortunately, the perfect example of organized crime and human trafficking out of control. And, why Jeff Sessions and his aristocratic plantation system protected by mollycoddled police is not just insolent, but a threat to the survival of the United States and constitutional democracy as we know it.

Vaccinating The Children Of Imbeciles

The vaccination debate is not over the value of vaccinations, it is about compulsory medical care mandated by the state. All the embeciles involved should stop avoiding the white elephant that ultimately is about socialized medicine, and compulsory eugenics, ethnic cleansing, genocide, birth control, designer babies, abortion, sexual assignment, thinning hair and eye color. The […]

California Imposes Compelsory Social Medicine

So, what rational person doesn’t believe in vaccinations? But, that isn’t the point. The cases in California are perfectly in synch with recent legislation affirming Obamacare. Obamacare is only subsidy and tax, right? But, it definately sets the stage for comprehensive state sponsored socialized medicine. And then, what choice of treatment, if any will you […]