In An Act Of Socialist Jihad Los Angeles Mandates Compulsory Covid Vaccine

The Los Angeles city council has approved a covid vaccine mandate that includes virtually anything Angelinos might like to do. In order to go into any public venue from bars and clubs, concerts, grocery stores and retail establishments proof of vaccination will be required once the law goes into effect on Nov. 4th. The mayor is expected to sign the ordinance.

The ru4BZombified is coming…

So, I guess this is just a review for sensible people but, 700,000 people have died from covid in the U.S. alone. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know this. It’s not something I found made up on fb either. If you’re at risk and feel you need the vaccine – go for it.

Another thing you’d have to be living on the moon not to know is that the vaccine works. Nobody, not even Fauci, is denying this fact. Therefore, it stands to reason. People who choose to take their chances know they are, and they know they aren’t putting anyone else at risk, unless they too have chosen to take their chances.

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Personally, I’m still ambivalent and since I’m low risk and don’t crawl out from under the rock too much anyway, I am, according to some people, an unvaccinated zombie on the prowl to foist mayhem onto civilization. Rediculous.

Part of my ambivalence was renewed when Joe Biden decided to unconstitutionally force g’ment workers to get vaccinated. Now with LA leading the compulsory socialist medicine charge, I’m likely to forestall my already pending vaccine even longer. I think I might just wait for the pill. “ru4BZombified” they’ll call it. Ha ha.

The rest of my ambivalence is because the vaccine is genetically engineered. Reports adamantly state that the vaccine does not genetically modify you. Now, I’m sure I’m getting the real fake news – I do follow news sources other than fb – but I still don’t like the idea of genetically engineered goop on my inside. It still seems like I’m being modified.

The point is, you don’t have to be an uninformed or misinformed rube to be influenced by the genetic engineering reality of covid. Even if you know intellectually you still gonna be alright on the inside, you’re still being influenced. Since we already know all the facts and can make decisions for ourselves that are in fact responsible and considerate toward people who have been vaccinated – the compulsory vaccine mandates ARE socialist jihad – not science.

It’s also important to remember that the China virus IS a conspiracy launched from a communist country with that exact intent to begin with. It’s a deliberate act of biological warfare that has killed millions worldwide.

But It’s not just that the China virus is being leveraged to enforce acceptance of compulsory socialist medicine – by people suffering from moral turpitude – it’s the reality that it’s being leveraged to enforce acceptance of genetic engineering. Most folks look upon the notions of designer babies and a super race of genetically enhanced masters as unethical, amoral and reprehensible. Once the door is open, it very quickly rises to worse than neo-nazism.

Creating the vaccine seems like the right thing to do. And really, when going to war where there are bombs and bullets, you wear armor and get inside to protect yourself. No soldier walks out unprotected into harms way for no reason just because he’s mad they’re trying to kill him – right?

It really just isn’t that simple. The vaccine is a moral and ethical and health issue for individuals to voluntarily decide. Forcing the vaccinations is jihad, uneccessary, un-American and just plain wrong. There is something just plain wrong with the people attacking their own countrymen in this way. If this is the only way they can advance their agenda and their system, can it really be a good thing?

The truth is, I hate any kind of “ouchie” Fauci or not. But, I really don’t want to die either. So, I still might take the “ru4BZ” pill when it’s ready and available – as long as nobody is forcing me to.

©2021 – Jim Casey