California Imposes Compelsory Social Medicine

So, what rational person doesn’t believe in vaccinations? But, that isn’t the point. The cases in California are perfectly in synch with recent legislation affirming Obamacare. Obamacare is only subsidy and tax, right? But, it definately sets the stage for comprehensive state sponsored socialized medicine. And then, what choice of treatment, if any will you have? Genenomics promises to identify homosexuals when they are born. No matter, they can get married – no kids. More genomic testing can decide your cancer, your hairline, your hereditary, and your eligibility for procreation… and a different standard for your sexual designation, and employment bracket, when born. Diminishing resources, over population, rising sea-levels, and a growing third world population here at home. An aristocratic, not exactly Aryan upper class living behind gates, and a lower, dumbed down caste, whose human rights are determined and doled out based on the healthcare of the greater good… HILLARYOUS !!!