Mary Winkler Is Sorry Secure Yourself To Heaven!

Now we all could become amoung the “frozen Cho’s in!” And, speaking of double standards in this once great US of A, I still gaze in awe at how women continue to get away with murder, and then yell “harassment” and “glass ceiling” in the workplace. Never mind the little slut comes to work wearing fishnet stockings in the first place. Of course, maybe her husband made her put those on. But hay, if he did, she could do like Mary Winkler and simply shoot him dead in the back, while he lay snoring asleep, and then just walk away as though nothing had happened, perhaps take a vacation trip to Florida with the kids, while the judge and jury head for home and the supper they gotta get to.

Mary Winkler having been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter is likely to serve little time at all — if any. The sentence is only three to six years, only thirty percent of that is mandatory, and she could even deduct time served. So, out of a two year sentence, she probably would only have six months to a year in jail left. I know guys who spend more time in jail for smoking a joint.

She murdered her husband in cold blood.

Figure this out. Are you amoung the idiots who emptied your hard earned bank account in order to send it to one of those Nigerian Internet scams? You know, the ones that have been around for ten years and not only are for the inane of intellect to begin with, but have also been much publicized as fraudulent in the mainstream media? I know, the jury believed her. But frankly, I don’t. I don’t believe that she was all that abused by her husband. He did this, and he did that. Yea well, who hasn’t had a knock down drag out or two with their wife — how many wives are the ones actually throwing the punches? Who wouldn’t be furious if they came home and found out their life savings was gone on something as insane as the Nigerian Internet scams? She was scared alright. If you were in her shoes when you figured it out, wouldn’t you figure your spouse was gonna be pissed? All she had to do was put on her shoes, get in the car, and drive home to momma, or maybe a friends house.

What if an unemployed black man did something like that? His working wife comes home, and in order to cover his tracks, he blows her head off. Same difference right? Women are to be considered equal in every way — right? In reality, they’d put the nappy headed boy under the jail for the rest of his life. There weren’t even any black folks involved in the Winkler story. Just Mary and her very permanently dead white husband.

Oh, oh. I’m a bigot and a chauvinist now. Truth is, I’m neither. I have absolutely no doubt about the capabilities of most women in today’s world. But that never has been the real point. While many minorities, and white men, struggle just to stay alive, women of all types are given job preferences in the name of gender equality. But the truth is, like it or not, women make babies. There isn’t a way that a natural born man is ever going to take over that role. There isn’t a way that man will ever usurp the young child’s need for bonding and nurturing from their mother. And…mother ain’t never gonna be able to fill her own shoes while she’s working sixty to eighty hours a week trying to break the glass ceiling, while trying to prove that she doesn’t need a man because she’s so liberated and capable. I know all the shining establishment examples of wonderful families of successful women. I also know those examples are not the norm and I can provide more examples of the problems they cause for everyone else. Hyperactive kids on prescription medicine, falling test score in school, uniforms for the breakdown in discipline, overweight children who eat crap at home and dinner at McDonald’s everyday, etc., etc., etc. The breakdown of the American family, the dissolution of the Constitution by a generation who easily accepts the socialist authority of Big Brother — because mommy willingly turns her kids over to the state for them to raise while she’s busy working.

I know. Mary Winkler was one of those attempting to prioritize her family and Gawd ahead of the demands of the world. Well, those examples don’t always turn out perfectly either. And although they won’t admit it, and without getting on the next tangent and another long diatribe, suffice it to say the corruption of today’s Church is largely responsible for letting our world deteriorate to begin with.

All that having been said. And even considering extenuating circumstances, it’s really hard to imagine that someone, male or female, can kill someone in cold blood, while they lay sleeping, and end up with nothing more than a six month prison term — if anything at all.

She murdered her husband in cold blood.

But, she’s… sorry?