The Strange Lesser Of Evils

Roy Moore and Luther Strange square off this Tuesday in the Alabama Republican runoff for US Senate

Not unlike President Trump, I don’t usually weigh in on primaries with an “endorsement.” And in fact, this missive is more observation and acknowledgement rather than an endorsement (of Luther Strange). In short, who to choose for Alabama’s next senator on Tuesday boils down to the lesser of evils with most of my contempt directed at Judge Roy Moore – resulting in a process of elimination.

Roy Moore has been suspended twice from his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme court, first for his refusal to remove the Ten Commandments monument, and then for refusing to follow the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. In neither case, do I see the issues he was “standing for” as the most important concepts. The real issue is whether Moore respects the U.S. Constitution.

I followed both stories and there really is no question, Roy Moore did not follow the law – or Biblical precepts for that matter. Whether one loves Jesus, or whether someone agrees with gay marriage simply doesn’t enter into the equation. The law is separation of Church and State (Biblically stated “render unto Caeser; render unto God), and the Supreme Court clearly had the latitude to determine a comprehensive national policy in regard to marriage, which was needed, which they did.

In my opinion, Roy Moore should probably be in prison as a repeat offender. Any dude arrested in a public park for drunk and disorderly that showed that much contempt would be lucky to see the light of day on his ten day sentence for a year – they might even throw away the key. Ultimately, I wonder if he should even be allowed to be running for any office.

There’s more about Moore’s pathology that’s just plain wrong. He’s clearly a grandiose would-be evangelist who sees his public office as a means to spread the gospel according to Roy Moore. I am Christian, and I am conservative, but he sure as hell doesn’t represent my gospel. In truth Roy Moore has relieved deadbeat religious leaders that have no backbone when it comes to preaching the gospel from their own pulpits. That’s also a Biblical observation – preaching to itching ears. And so, the public that is looking for genuine moral and ethical guidance is sublimated by the very definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As it boils down, Roy Moore is an aristocratic plantation boss who wants to maintain a caste system for the aggrandizement of his cabal.

Stranger Than Truth

But, I also have serious misgivings about Luther Strange. Most importantly, it appears to me that Luther Strange is a well placed component in the larger system of Alabama’s corrupt system of politics. His appointment to his Senate seat by the governor he was theoretically prosecuting cannot be overlooked. His pardon of Madison police officer Eric Parker perpetuates a serious imbalance in law-enforcement. His sharp comments against the LGBT community suggest a personal undertow that is better kept in check. And, his prosecution of the Legal Schnauzer was overly aggressive, unnecessary, and actually reeks of political favor ginned up for a make-busy reward for his attorney’s. Really, who gives a rat’s ass whether, or with who, Luther has had a dalliance with?

Still, the many outstanding questions in regard to Luther Strange play in his favor. He supports “freedom of religion.” Will that mean he genuinely understands separation of Church and state. He supports gun rights and the NRA supports him. But, will that mean he wants to impose the abridgments that so called 2nd amendment supporters have favored in the past. Will Luther Strange’s posture be reasonable when it comes to illegal immigration, building a wall, and reconfiguration of DACA? I strongly agree with building a wall, however, the youth of DACA had no intent to be here illegally. Allowances don’t necessarily equal amnesty.

Regardless of who wins the Republican nomination, he is likely to be the favorite in the general election and therefore the next senator. The democratic nominee, Doug Jones, doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but he clearly is towing the unrealistic and unworkable Alt Left agenda. He has no political experience, little or no public image, and doesn’t have the clout, momentum or status to be a serious contender against the well-know heavy weights in the Republican party. Worst of all, he’s another of the ABA & trial lawyer’s cabal that has shanghaied the political system in Alabama. It’s not a stretch to say his likely loss in the general election is also by design.

The process of elimination leaves me with the Strange conclusion, there’s no where else to go.


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