Luther Strange | Alabama’s Third Wheel Of Corruption And Trans…

Stranger than truth, as the saying goes. But this Alabama demagogue, the state’s attorney general, turns out to be not too much about the honorable truth than he does playing the role of third man in the triangle of hierarchical corruption in the State of Alabama. Mike Hubbard, Speaker of the House being sued on 23 felony counts of corruption, and Roy Moore the Ten Commandments Chief Justice perpetually in contempt of the federal courts occupy the first two spots.

Last week, Good Ole Luther issued a pardon for Madison, Alabama miscreant Police Officer and Grandpa crippler Eric Parker. While Parker had been tried and walked away twice due to mistrial on federal charges of civil rights violations, the charges that Luther Strange chose to simply drop on behalf of the state were for misdemeaner assault. Luther Strange commented that, based on the federal mistrials, there was no reason to expect a conviction on the lesser assault charges either.

In a way, good ole Luther has a point, but not necessarily the correct conclusion. Because, while it’s inconceivable that Eric Parker walked away on the civil rights charges in light of the video that clearly shows the unnecessary use of excessive force, the charges are quite different and would likely be viewed differently by a jury had it ever reached trial. But more importantly than that, Good Ole Luther has both turned a blind eye to law-enforcement corruption and rubber stamped his approval of unconstitutional civil rights violations. Good Ole Luther ought to have looked at the case on the larger scale, and considered that successful prosecution of Eric Parker might not be any more important than simply following through with the charges – which should have brought a conviction at face value. I guess he’ll be getting the law-enforcement gang affinity endorsement come reelection day.

But, that’s not the only problem good Ole Luther has. He recently came out with some rather sharp comments in regard to the transgender bathroom discussion. I can’t say I fully understand people like Brucie Caitlin Jenner, for instance, but I do know this. Those guys/gals aren’t playing a prank or gittin up for Halloween. They are truly committed to their gender identity/assignment and there is a time when whether or not they should be committed or not is really beside the point. For the very, very, very few people who actually fit into the transgender bathroom debate, I can only imagine the callous, hateful, and indifferent comments by Luther Strange must be akin to wife beating. In short, anyone whose conscience is that cauterized is essentially suffering from “depraved heart.” Luther Strange is not just a corrupt self-serving politician, but he should be considered unstable and dangerous for that level of vitriol, and he certainly should not be be in a position of public consequence like attorney general.

Last night I watched perhaps the most astonishing cultural statement I have ever seen on a TV show – and it was on “The Walking Dead.” Not really a series where you expect serious, thought provoking questions to be foisted upon the viewing audience for moral consideration – but they did it.

One little girl, so traumatized by the post-civilized world of Darwinist survival among human eating zombies referred to as “walkers” and “biters” finally could take no more of the lack of compassion for the deadly monsters that were once human. She then killed her own little sister, hoping to show the grups that when she turned into a zombie, the little girl that they knew personally would “come back” to her old self if just given a chance. In the show, it just doesn’t work that way, and the adults knew that in the context of cut throat survival, the wigged out little girl who killed her own sister could never be trusted again. The liability would be too great – and so the woman took the child out back and shot her dead – as humanely as she could.

I know the LGBT folks aren’t going to like the analogy much, but the point is this. And you listen up too good Ole Luther. This world isn’t a TV show, and fortunately, people seen as different or even the mentally ill aren’t taken out back to be shot dead anymore. A lot of progress has been made in the last twenty years. Sarcasm intended. Most of the time, however, “different” people aren’t summarily executed as though they are witches in Salem – not usually.

These days, we have the resources and the ability to show grace and compassion, and acceptance, even if we don’t agree or understand. That’s why it’s called “civilization.” We don’t always do a very good job of it because there is a lot of malfeasance and corruption and witch doctors who make money on exploiting misery, or preventing happiness. The bottom line is that Luther Strange doesn’t need to be adding fuel to the fire to cultism, extremism, and corruption.

In my view, the entire LGBT debate is out of context because it’s another leg on the white elephant of genetic engineering and ethnic cleansing. I can’t see that middle schools kids should be committing to transgender changes – for instance, which I think begs the wrong questions. The argument boils down to genetic predisposition, which is a loosing slippery slope for everyone. I wonder if LGBT people really want to be told what their genetic assignment is when they are born? What if they don’t agree?

I doubt there is an exact genetic makeup that causes transgender. More likely, like other characteristics, it falls on a sliding scale and may not ever be absolute. In most cases I imagine the whole question of LGBT is more conditioning than inheritance. Who then draws the line, and where? “Anyone who is not an Alpha male must be homosexual.” I don’t think so. Apparently this discussion is being avoided because the medical community is quietly advancing it’s agenda of genetic engineering. A little off topic, I know, but that’s the white elephant.

As for Luther Strange, next time he goes to the bathroom, if he’s really all that homophobic, I strongly advise he use a stall and close the door behind him – then he can have his own toe tapping good time – all alone.