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The precedents are dangerous and destructive. That the FBI is clearly incompetent and/or part of the problem is foreboding. At a time when the country is sharply divided and practically in civil war over political agendas – maybe it’s time to rethink protocols.


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Protest update:
• Trump increases pressure on governors to end violence.
• Biden rips Trump for removing White House protesters.
• Thousands protest worldwide.
• George Floyd's family to join march in Houston.

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President Trump demanded governors deploy troops to "dominate the streets." Then he walked through a park cleared of protesters by tear gas to pose in front of a church.

Throughout Washington, D.C., and the United States, protests continued to rage.

North Carolina’s Democratic governor said in a letter Tuesday that the GOP must prepare for a scaled-back convention in Charlotte because of the coronavirus pandemic despite demands from President Trump for a full-scale, in-person event.

“We’re going on very minimal information”: WHO officials complained in internal meetings about China’s lack
of data-sharing at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, even as it praised Beijing repeatedly in public, the AP has found.

Peaceful protesters upset about police treatment of minorities since George Floyd's death seem to be getting lost. News networks are jumping from city to city to show fires and confrontations. Some worry about the time spent on violent demonstrations.


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