Trump Indicted, But Has He Lost His Magic?

That seems to be the overriding consideration in Trump’s historic indictment. Will it hurt his reelection bid, or will it just whoop up more positive sentiment among his supporters? The saying goes, all news is good news. I tend to think the charges against him – whatever they turn out to be – will actually ensure loyalty among his followers.

I don’t particularly care for Donald Trump, and never have. I did not endorse him in his first run for president and will find it hard to support him this time around. The indictment doesn’t stop him from running, but running the country from a jail cell might prove difficult if he were convicted and sentenced. That seems very unlikely to me but it certainly does add definition to the notion of “overlapping jurisdictions.”

In spite of my lack of support for Trump during his campaign, I did end up giving credit due for mostly a good job as president. His biggest assignment was to change up the Supreme Court which he did in a resounding way. Unfortunately, that is also the one area where I feel he pushed the extreme conservative envelope a little bit too hard. I was in agreement with fundamentally changing the Court to a more conservative posture, but I’m not in agreement with hardcore fascism that ultimately denies legitimate constitutional precepts in a subversive way violating separation of Church and State along the way.

In other words, Trump’s done his job and his exit from the public stage would be good riddance as far as I’m concerned. If he had already bowed out, a better republican candidate could then muster up the troops to get elected. The trouble is, I don’t see a conservative in the line up yet that could get my endorsement or vote. Who can beat Biden?

There’s just not a scenario where I can consider Joe Biden or any of the other socialist authoritarians for President. The Capitol riots were major warning. Calling it an insurrection is ludicrous given there was absolutely no chance of overthrowing government. A dozen extremists conspiring to incite the riot just doesn’t add up that way. If anything, Nancy Pelosi engaged in sedition by deliberately allowing lax security setting the stage for entering the Capitol and apparently with the continuing intent to eliminate a candidate for president in an unorthodox way.

Ultimately, the current indictment is not timely and is obviously dirty pool. Due process demands that any legal considerations in the Stormy Daniels case could have and should have already been settled. Leaving it on the back burner to this point in time is obviously with intent and might be legally questionable on that point alone.

©2023 – Jim Casey