Musings On The World Wide Ukrainian Crisis

Stumbling around on YouTube this morning the Indian newscast started and the commontater asked his guest about the Ukraine. He said, Putin’s remarks asserting the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be a neo-Nazi are “prima facie absurd” because he is Jewish. Whut? ( I was gonna say any public official who is the product of television satire must be a pretty good fellow, but you know, that whole Al Franken thing really got out of control. )

Now, I tell you what, I don’t think invading Ukraine is right or a good idea. And, the fact is I don’t know much about what goes on over there, or what the inuendo by their foreign minister Dmytro Ivanovych Kuleba is supposin’ to mean.

But no one gets a free pass in my book Jewish or not. Saying no Jewish person is capable of neo-Nazism is prima facie absurd and while it may not be the norm, it really wouldn’t be too hard to find a few that are.

The same is true for colored folks. They are often just as bad or worse when it comes to imposing the neo-Nazi protocols of eugenics, ethnic cleansing, and genocide even on their own kind. Some of ‘em have paper bag collections that would be the envy of Walmart.

It’s a phenomenon I’ve observed before. Some people don’t like it. Well, neither do I – I call it “diversity fascism.” Because that’s what it is.

I’ve said. It’s wrong to comprehensively characterize Hitler as evil incarnate. He was human. The point is not to justify evil acts, may it never be, but to accept the reality that humans are the ones who are inhumane to one another.

As soon as someone says no group is capable, and therefore no individual in that group is capable, of cruelty and inhumanity, they’ve given an unimpeded license to be all that entails. For me, whether it applies to Ukrainian president Zelenskyy or the people of the Ukraine or not – or to the Russians and Vladimir Putin for that matter – it’s a red flag suggesting there may be more to the story.

At face value the Ukraine is an independent nation with the right to self determination. Unfortunately, there are sometimes incidents of human rights violations in every country. However, what appears to be incidental often is an enforcement, at which point it becomes criminal. Whether in Russia, the Ukraine, or the United States international intervention might become necessary when that criminal activity escalates to larger proportions.

Even still, I shudder to think of a two sided world where NATO is the only answer to China. In that light it does seem plausible that Ukraine would better fit into a Russian alliance helping to balance world power into a three way split. But “alliance” and an enforced Soviet Empire isn’t the same thing and so the invasion and war on Ukraine is still contraindicated.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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Musings On The World Wide Ukrainian Crisis

Even still, I shudder to think of a two sided world where NATO is the only answer to China.