Trump Impeachment Is Tantamount To Sedition

I never thought I’d live to see the day when such a total farce would overtake our nation. Make no mistake, the over-exuberant protesters who pushed the envelope and entered the Capitol ought not to have done that. But, I cannot call it insurrection. Technically by dictionary definition it might appear there was insurrection, but then again not really. I think of insurrection of a well-organized militarized attack, which clearly did not occur.

On the other hand, the lack of security by Capitol police, who ultimately report to Nancy Pelosi’s cadre, is the real reason a typically spirited protest was able to breech the inner chambers of Congress. So, maybe there was an inductive insurrection which very well might have been a conspiracy of lax security to begin with. A sucker punch. That would then put the shoe of insurrection on the other foot. On Nancy Pelosi and Capitol police.

It should not be overlooked that the riots and destruction of property last summer got nowhere near the scrutiny in spite of having resulted in a lot more property damage and even loss of life. For some reason, the occupation of Portland Oregon for three months by leftist guerrillas was ballyhooed by some as a “Summer of Luv.” And what about President Trump bringing in the troops to protect St. John’s and the White House last summer. That was roundly criticized as too heavy handed. I guess Pelosi and the Capitol police didn’t want to be heavy handed.

The double standard is disgusting and wholly owned by Nancy Pelosi and the socialist democrats. When framed in an appropriate light, it’s not hard at all to believe Nancy Pelosi was behind a conspiracy to sucker the protesters into storming the Capitol, which then gave her the excuse to proceed with her impeachment of Trump. Her supposed motivation is clearly to deny Mr. Trump the opportunity to run for office again in four years. Tantamount to an overthrow and sedition.

The ultra-left censorship of conservatives has been going on since JFK and affirmative action. The MSM has been stacked with left wing journalists who think nothing of skewering a story with their bias in an effort to advance their agenda. They are not journalists, they are professional propagandists.

It is unAmerican and dangerous to continue these tactics. The sleeping giant has awakened and doesn’t understand why conservatism is necessarily branded as racist. No doubt there are racist on the extreme fringe. But in truth, Nancy Pelosi’s attack on Donald Trump is rooted in her own brand of ethnic racism, and diversity fascism. In truth, the ultra-left is more neo-nazi than the ultra-right. They are both wrong but you can’t summarily ignore half the american people as Pelosi would like to do.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has recused himself from presiding over the Senate impeachment trial. In other words, it’s not constitutional to impeach a private citizen as Donald Trump now is.

Mr. Trump’s rhetoric was nothing more than typical campaign cheer leading anyway and certainly not a “summons” to insurrection. The perspective that every time a word is spoken it might be construed by a nut bag as a call to action is ridiculous. It’s a recipe for unconstitutional censorship.

The Senate has better things to do than hold a Kangaroo trial over something that didn’t actually happen.

©2021 – Jim Casey

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