Happy Presidents Day President Trump !!!

And, it’s a Happy Presidents Day for the American People! Mr. Trumps acquittal last Saturday shows the system is still working as it should, and has exposed the ultra-extremism of the socialist democrats.

It’s also a happy day for constitutional freedom of speech. The facts were as stated. Trump’s rhetoric was typical campaign fare – not an incitement. The crowd was over-exuberant and shouldn’t have stormed the Capitol but nevertheless acted on it’s own.

It’s tough to say, but the fact is, no one was killed by the protesters. I cannot see the reckless toss of a fire extinguisher as a deliberate act of murder. Irresponsible yes, murder no. The other deaths were medical emergencies or suicide by Capitol police. Then you have to ask, why did Capitol police have so much remorse? Maybe because they fired the only bullet killing a protester?

That does underscore the point. Protesters did not bring guns. No gun shots were fired by the protestors. An unruly mob got out of control because of lax security. The fact is, the protesters wouldn’t have been successful at anything other than putting off the actions of Congress which would have proceeded after the demonstration anyway. For those reasons I cannot call it an insurrection either.

Mitch McConnell is astonishing. He is correct in saying the impeachment trial, a Kangaroo Court, was invalid because President Trump is no longer in office. The point of impeachment is to remove from office. But McConnell went on to excoriate Mr. Trump saying he is responsible for what he continues to reference as an insurrection, even suggesting Trump could be held liable after-the-fact in a civilian court.

Hogwash! President Trump committed no crime and Mitch McConnell of all people should recognize Trumps freedom of speech, and that he continues to be a voice for half of the American people. Maybe it’s just too inconvenient for Mitch to accept the fact that the Republicans have been too extreme and unresponsive to everyday conservatives.

Donald J Trump may or may not run again, he may or may not be elected if he does run but, there is far more danger to civil order in continuing to ignore half the American people by censoring his voice. Mitch McConnell and the republican party now have some soul searching to do, as do the democrat extremists. The best thing for our nation and democracy is to discontinue any inquisition or any further attempts to prosecute President Trump. Two Kangaroo impeachments is already two too many.

©2021 – Jim Casey

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