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   • October 14, 2018

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The Blase’ Senate Hearing

The “ultimatums” that Kavanaugh represents are just plain wrong, unconstitutional & supersede the ridiculous Blase’ accusations.

A Checkered Flag

Whether from your perspective our nation is “great again” or just “more better than before” there’s one thing we can all agree on…

Jim Casey’s Deep State Of The Farsee

The chain of causation probably begins with the Russian Orthodox Church, then spreads into religious ultra-cultism in the United States.

John McCain – Buried With His Moccasins On

When I started searching on the Internet to substantiate my less than impressive opinion of John McCain, I didn’t really find the kind of information that my anonymous sources were telling me should be there.

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A civilian oversight agency has released video showing an off-duty Chicago police officer shooting an unarmed, autistic man during a 2017 incident initially described as an armed confrontation.

BREAKING: No winning lottery ticket sold in Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing, meaning jackpot climbs to $868 million.

Chief Justice John Roberts said in a Minnesota speech that the high court should remain independent and has “erred greatly” when yielding to political pressure.

The National Transportation Safety Board says a motorist used marijuana and took twice the prescribed dosage of a sedative before colliding with a church bus last year. Thirteen people on the bus were killed.

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