Congratulations Doug Jones

December 12, 2017

My Statement On Twitter…

Roy Moore Brought The Horse…

Alabama has made the right decision by sharply curtailing the categories of crime that disqualify voting rights. Roy Moore has aptly illustrated the reality that the highly subjective so-called “moral turpitude” is in fact a vestige of segregationism. Roy Moore’s attempt to denigrate the Jones campaign for registering legal voters, is reprehensible and yet another act of contempt – by the hanging judge.

WTF Just Happened With The “Sweeping Tax Cuts?”

So here’s the way I see it. The tax cut is either business as usual which will result in little for common folks, and then will likely stimulate more violence than growth in this country….

Write-in Jim Casey For Senate 2017 Campaign

If you’re a conservative in Alabama, you are branded by both candidates as a “fascist.” If you’re tired of the non-choices for elected office, send them a message and Write-in Jim Casey for Senate of December 12th.

[ Jim Casey Campaign for Senate ]

TOCC TV Endorsement: Anyone But Roy Moore? Write-In Jim Casey For Senate

The race for Alabama Senate is busted. You can’t vote for Roy Moore, you can’t vote for Doug Jones. Write-in Jim Casey on 12/12 !!!

Red-tail Hawk Has A Mouse For Dinner

After pouncing upon his prey, this red-tail hawk grabs his mouse and takes flight, apparently afraid that I might be hungry too.

This ugly duck ain’t no swan, but it don’t pay to be a turkey nowadays !

President Donald Trump stumps for Senate hopeful Luther Strange.

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