Homeless Solution? Dump Trump To Flatten The Biden/Trump March To neo-Nazism Curve

So, here’s the problem with Trump that has been lurking beneath his conservative RINO facade. Yes, in fact he is a “Republican In Name Only” but it’s understandable that decent Republicans have supported him if for no other reason than as the lesser of evils. Now, unfortunately, he’s going off the deep end in more ways that one and the reality is that between him and Joe Biden there is no choice, and therefore, the sooner the Republicans dump Trump the sooner they can reconstruct the party to reflect Republican conservatism – not cut-throat neo-Nazism.

Trump’s attack on the homeless in this video is the typical establishment propaganda that is designed by and for business owners who are conflicted with their cut-throat, non-living wage, hiring practices vs. seeing the results on the sidewalks in front of their shops.

In truth, most homeless people are not drug addicts, alcoholics or mentally ill. The ones that are, more often than not, have manifested their problems as a result of being homeless not the other way around. Most homeless people are simply lacking in education, skills, ability, or for some reason are “undesirable” and unable to optimize their productivity. Life is tough enough for those folks without the slander, defamation and gas-lighting that Trump and the establishment use to justify violating constitutional rights. Being homeless is not a negation of Constitutional rights.

Trump always like to pander to the homeless veterans as though they’re homeless for some other reason than the slanderous assaults they inflict on every other homeless person. How is it that people who serve in the military cannot find a job when they get out? Most are not wacked-out on PTSD anymore than the rest of the homeless population. But, the saying goes, being a sharpshooter just isn’t really a transferable skill. Worse, the problems in law-enforcement that scream for reform are often the results of hiring veterans who see their job as a war on the community. Simply enough, Trumps razor thin margins depends on pandering to veterans.

But listen carefully to what he says. Essentially, if it were up to Trump, anyone who might be living paycheck to paycheck that looses their job for any reason would be in immediate danger of being taken into custody by the socialist welfare system. This protocol would create an employment system based on overt and deliberate extortion. They say the system is like extortion – and it is more so than it should be in some ways – but if Trump gets his way, it won’t be “like” extortion, it will be extortion. It would create an unconstitutional caste and close the socialist loop at the bottom setting the stage to zip it upward meeting with Joe Biden’s ilk of communists somewhere along the way.

I’m all for making social services and job programs available to people who need them. I think an old fashioned CCC would be a good idea. Either way there needs to be reform in training, in education, and hourly practices all the way across the board – but that doesn’t pander to the business community.

It is said that Chinese workers have had a saying of “997” to describe work requiring hours of 9am to 9pm for 7 days a week. It seems that the slave like labor conditions in China were imposed largely to “make busy” with the intended result to be suppression and population control.

The Medical Industrial Complex has been sitting back or at least acting quietly in the background as new advances in genetic engineering and mind bending psychological brainwashing tactics involving technology and a.i. are being refined and implemented – often in ways that are unconstitutional, cruel and inhumane. Closing the socialist loop leverages the employment system into a eugenics, ethnic cleansing, genocidal system of holocaust and slavery. Ultimately, the authoritarianism would be worse than communism – and certainly not based on the liberty, independence and other constitutional rights this country is based on.

As of now, frankly, I don’t see a good republican alternative. But if Trump or Biden is elected it could very well be the last straw that destroys any pretense of a free people in a free nation. Breaking the pattern and flattening the Biden/Trump curve is the most important thing to do at this time. My perspective is to Dump Trump if he won’t get off the stage voluntarily and vote for anybody who ain’t even nobody in the next election.

©2023 – Jim Casey

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