Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Dripping Hypocrisy While Doing A Mans Job

Kay Ivey said she wants fairness in college female sports as she signed a bill this week banning transgender women from participating. “…if you’re a biological male, you’re not going to be competing in women’s … sports in Alabama…” she said.

Gimme a break. In the first place, the fundamentalist hysteria over transgender has already reached a malicious tenor that is exaggerated, hateful and unacceptable. But, maybe there is a place to draw a line. I’m no expert, but apparently there are various stages of transitioning that may include hormone treatments and finally surgical gender reassignment. Uh, it doesn’t seem like the final result is a biological male. If the criteria is based on the birth certificate, is there no exception?

The ultimate hypocrisy, however, is that while she claims to be “protecting” women’s sports, she’s doing a man’s job in the governors mansion. Oh, well, excuse me then if all women are created equal and it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to do a man’s job in the Governors office – why is there a separation between men’s and women’s sports in the first place? If there weren’t separate sports, what the hell difference would it make whether you’re transgender or not?

Now, I have to say, I like Ms. Ivey good enough, and I’d say she’s done an overall good job as governor. Even still, her ascension to the office of governor wasn’t exactly kosher to begin with, even if she was properly reelected later on. So, I just gotta think that if Kay were to equally protect man’s domain by stepping down as governor, she’d have time to restructure her belief system so it would be congruous and unabraded.

©2023 – Jim Casey