Zooey Zephr: Got Burka?

Zooey Zephr did they put a burka on you? Zooey is the state legislator in Montana that recently caused an uproar for defending trans rights. The Montana legislature first said she couldn’t speak on the floor and now they say she can’t step foot on the floor of the chambers. She is trans but that’s not what this is all about.

It’s all about first amendment rights and the worst and most unconstitutional censorship of all – by government. Zooey did make a single pointed comment when the legislature failed to support her views, but that hardly amounts to inciting a riot or participating in disorderly conduct. There were some outspoken spectators in the building that were escorted out by authorities but the fact that the public is passionate about an issue shouldn’t be the basis for arbitrarily denying someone else’s first amendment rights – much less those of a legislator who’s been elected in that light and whose job is to represent that set of constituents.

Ok, so what about the yee hahs in the Tennessee legislature? Well, those representatives were elected and representing their constituents too. But, they also took part in disorderly conduct on the floor of the legislature deliberately trying to whoop up a commotion. I couldn’t agree with expulsion of a legislator in any circumstance other than going to prison for some reason in which case they couldn’t perform their duties anyway. Otherwise, they are representatives elected by their districts and they must be allowed to do so. Nevertheless, the disorderly conduct did warrant disciplinary action.

The rest of the story is this. The war is on and the attack on first amendment rights is just as serious as the attack on second amendment rights – even more so. Oh, I know, there are subplots and undertows, TikToks, Sandy Hooks and Disneys, and all those are all relevant for another story. However, the consistent theme by so-called conservatives, RINO’s in my book, is censorship. Being conservative in my view means allowing everyone their constitutional rights whether you like what they have to say or not. When the time comes to vote, every version of the facts and all the perspectives should be on the table.

It’s why we have a democracy in the first place. If we allow someone to dictate their version of the facts and impose their version of government without calling a meeting to hear what everyone has to say, and then taking a vote – well, then, we’d have a King and Kingdom. We Americans, of the United States, don’t want that. That’s why we transported across the ocean to start this country in the first place.

©2023 – Jim Casey