Time For The Deep End Dump Trump | What Next?

DAMN! And foo you too. For once, I really thought we had a legit candidate in Trump. Hay, you don’t have to agree with everything about a candidate, but Trump actually looked, for awhile, like he was a conservative populist. Until he started popping off just a little bit too much. First, he talked about tax cuts – that would drive the great recession into the great depression. Then, he said American workers are overpaid. That’s so delusional, give him a squeeze. Most recently he’s come out in favor of radical surveillance, systematic registry, torture, media censorship, and a racist tone when dealing with hecklers. The time to dump Trump has arrived.

It’s too bad Rand Paul still has a socially irresponsible under belly – if he would just straighten up, he could still emerge as a true conservative, and viable candidate. Shades of Pesos for Grinch. Notice I skipped the other other hooey in between. They are not viable. There is no point in discussing the unstable cult pathologies of the others whose ideologies line up with radicalization and constitutional subversion. Fuck! Jeb says he would kill baby W and I don’t think it’s fair to talk that way about W – even if he is a mongrel born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

So, Trump’s mockery of republican extremism has now come home, and frankly, Hillaryous just got elected. (Rand Paul…) But listen, can you really vote for… that? I’m not saying Hillary Clinton should be viewed as a referendum on abortion, which it is. I’m saying Hillary Clinton should be viewed as a referendum on feminazzism, which she is, and we cannot under any circumstances afford the hate mongering of a racist aristocratic place keeper like Hillaryous.

Therefore, while I now consider my own campaign for president to be revving up into full swing, I think it is time to suggest, for those who are sexist and simply insist on voting for a woman based on gender and no rational reason, that Tea Leoni should now enter the race for president.

Goddammit, if a grade B actor like Ronald Reagan can nap in the Oval office, why not Tea Leoni?

Party! Party! Party!

© 2015 – Jim Casey / TOCC TV