Thirty Pesos For Grinch

I have to admit I was a little surprised this week when Alabama voted for Rick Santorum. It was only in the last two weeks that he showed himself to be a religious nutcase when he challenged remarks by John F. Kennedy asserting separation of church and state, and his disinclination to take orders from the Vatican in regard to his presidential duties. Santorum, also a Catholic, seems to think that he should bring his own brand of doctrine, whatever that is, to the White House with him.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if Birmingham had voted for Santorum, and if that then carried the rest of the state. But, Huntsville actually voted for the nutcase too. Then you start to get the picture. The zealots went out in force seeing an opportunity, in their perhaps well meaning stupidity, to force their version of situational ethics on the rest of the population. Everyone else apparently stayed home, too apathetic to bother. There is no legitimate conservative Republican choice.

My theory held up when another religious nutcase, Roy Moore, actually won the Republican nomination for the Alabama Supreme Court. We already know that most Alabamians do not support Roy Moore. The “Ten Commandments” zealot is the wrong prescription for the times. He is in fact militant, and just short of “enemy combatant,” based on his refusal to obey federal authority when told to take the Ten Commandments monument off display, where they did not belong.

It’s not even a stretch to say Roy Moore is acting in concert with Islamic terrorism in his attempts to enforce Old Testament legalism through public office. While Old Testament legalism and Islamic Sharia law are not exactly the same, they do share common ground. Roy Moore IS running parallel to their theocratic intentions. He is acting in concert with Islamic terrorists by definition. I don’t know about the democratic nominee, but at least for now I have to say, anyone but Roy Moore.

In my estimation, when people start attempting to force everyone around them to do as they say based on Old Testament legalism, they are not born again Christians, or are severely reprobate in that they are simply attempting to
advance some sort of personal or political agenda in their pursuit of mammon. Whom do ye serve?

The bosses of the superpacs are very smart, however, and they know how to manipulate the masses in order to achieve their goals. Their goals may not actually be to elect a Republican president in 2012. The Republican primaries are more organized than any of them will admit and therefore I have to say 30 Mexican Pesos for… Newt Gringrinch.

When Grinch failed to take a hard line on illegal immigration, he began to fall in the poles. Along comes nutcase Santorum, ready to appeal to the zealots out for a kill in the primary. Most don’t believe Santorum can beat OBama or ORomney. Grinch allowed him to diffuse the vote, in favor of ORomney, maybe avoiding a brokered convention where genuine conservative Republicans could toss ORomney and his insurgent Democratic putsch out to the curb.

The rest of the trouble with ORomney is that he is virtually a white carbon copy of Barack OBama. ORomney is the Trojan horse given by the Democrats to the Republicans in an appeal to their (Tea Party) racism. “Anyone but (that nword) OBama.” They don’t really chant out loud. But they may not be as concerned with stopping socialism after all, as they are in keeping an Aryan in charge. With the economy improving predictably after the normal time cycle expected, and genuine conservative Republicans that aren’t going to vote for ORomney, there you have it.

Or I should say, OBama has it. It being four more years. I have said before that I like OBama and I’m just fine with his blackness in the White House. It was long overdue. I even like his sense of decorum, and the way he appears to attempt to build consensus. I don’t like the fact that his neo-Nazi undertow, not unlike the Islamic extremists, or Roy Moore, always seems to rise to the surface.

Aside from that, socialism should not automatically be a part of the equation. Black folks are not automatically socialist, it’s an insult to suggest they are, and the civil rights act has correctly been recognized as a reiteration of constitutional values. It is sometimes difficult to determine the gray areas and how to make the intentions become reality. The constitution enables that process, and the individual freedom and liberties that are under attack right now are an intrinsic part of the constitutional process. It is, unfortunately, where the so-called Christian right, and pseudo conservative Republicans always go wrong. When they start talking about their brand of doctrine, they always want to start throwing citizens out of the country because they get in the way of their personal pursuit of mammon. They want to be socially irresponsible.

The constitution is a contract with all citizens that comes with responsibilities as well at liberties. It isn’t necessary to be cut throat, decadent, or socialist, to include everyone. It’s why the preamble says “all.” Regulation and government are required to ensure that all citizens share in the success of this country. The business aristocracy is driving socialism, because it has too much monopoly.

Hope Grinch enjoys his silver.

(It really is about the Constitution… Stupid.)

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