Time For Police Chief Kirk Giles To Go: An Open Letter To Huntsville Mayor Battle

I see you have some irrational confusion about what domestic terrorism is, so let me put some of your own shit up under your nose for you to smell.

First, the KKK shouldn’t be running the police department. I thought, give it a chance but then no, sure enough Giles is acting in concert with ritualized sacrifice that is a violation of church and State separation. A crass observation but accurate nonetheless. It’s a propaganda campaign and a bonding exercise that skewers the prioties of the cops. They are taking communion in an OT paganism sort of way. Now, nothing is more important, not even legit law that might spoil their fun.

It’s time to dismiss Mr Giles.

The weaponized industrial equipment has been ingrained and deliberately utilized with intent to deny constitutional rights, on a deliberate, systematic and periodic basis for more than forty years. It is premeditated, with intent, and used to attack specific individuals and groups of individuals. It is intended to terrorize those people in order to enforce fascist denial of constitutional rights.

Oh oh oh it’s not that bad. No, it’s worse. And plenty of people already know you have other corroborations from agents you trust more than I, as well as from professional healthcare providers.

No wonder the campaign of obsfucation and denial is so large and sophisticated. Abviously anticipated and premeditated as the system of terrorism repeats itself. “It’s not an enforcement..” gives license to holy fuck beating ten year old kids. TURPITUDE.

You don’t have a constitutional right to enforce violent assault, false imprisonment or fascism. Much less when based on beating the holy fuck out of ten year old kids – not even for your beloved EULA. And btw, I had nothing to do with it, the mic offed her – of course everybody knows that too.

You have the legal basis, but like a coward you fail to see you have a responsibility and obligation. Why aren’t you doing something, what’s wrong with you, how long are you going to smell that shit before you do something?

The operators have repeatedly shown they revert back to weaponizing the equipment to enforce their terrorist agenda. It’s that serious, you’re in denial. They no longer deserve the latitude. They can afford the correction that is incumbent on you to dispense.

A lot of folks are, left and right alike, fed up with this kind of uneccessary attitude and belligerence. Come back to earth, deny your delusional psychosis and – man up.

©2023 – Jim Casey

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