Biden Administration Leading Aggressive Civil War On Trump

Now we are engaged in a great civil war.

I’m not putting the quotes on that because it’s a current statement. I’ve already called for Trump to leave the stage, and few would argue the point, he’s an asshole. But, he’s not stupid and the charges against him don’t stick. Nothing sticks to Trump because his advisers do the dirty work. I have no doubt, he deserves jail time but more likely for other underthetabe dealings and conspiracy that aren’t even on the radar.

Maybe that isn’t beside the point, except that it’s the wrong point to begin with, because it isn’t really about Trump at all. The Biden administration is obviously on the attack grasping at any ludicrous straw they can find. The Capitol riots in particular are a joke where the only public official that should be charged is Nancy Pelosi for conspiring an entrapment with deliberate and irresponsibly lax security.

It has literally become The Civil War, or perhaps more aptly, Bidens War of Aggression. The real point isn’t that Trump did or didn’t do anything illegal. The real threat to democracy is weaponizing the judiciary for a political regime to eliminate a candidate, because they know the demented toddler they call Biden, who can’t even sit up straight in his high chair anymore is incompetent and unfit for office – and not likely to win the election against a strong competitor.

Biden’s regime is the one that means to throw the election. Rigging elections is nothing new and there’s more than one way to do it. Their tactics have become seditious because they do not intend to accept a loss. They mean to eliminate the only likely contender while stifling freedom of speech and suppressing the rights of voters who would vote for Trump thereby enforcing their authoritarian “win.”

There’s a lot of things I don’t like about Trump but this is the real thing and it’s dangerous. This election truly is a disgusting moment in American history because it has become a war, and the battles aren’t likely to end after 2024.

©2023 – Jim Casey

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