NO Thanks FBI HQ; Huntsville Already Has Too Much Organized Crime

Today’s Huntsville may be booming in growth, but it’s definitely backsliding into the cesspool of corruption. The current Mayor, Tommy Battle, is an installment of the notoriously corrupt good ole southern boy and defacto leader of the men in bedsheets and hoods – Joe Davis.

Joe was mayor for a long time a long time ago. He’s dead and gone but his most obvious legacy is the baseball stadium where they don’t play baseball anymore. The “Joe” they used to call it, was quite a tractor in it’s heyday.

Everybody knows, the right wing fascists have been gearing up, smelling blood and cotton as we finally leave the Kennedy era behind once and for all. Old South business families got they feelings hurt in the 60’s, and the 70’s, and the 80’s when they found out that being born into southern aristocracy didn’t really justify their sense of entitlement after all.

In many cases their undeserved and often illegal dynasties got broke up like Barney busting up a moonshine still in the hills of Mayberry. Pow! Pow! Pow! Their daddies was pissed off and now them youngens born with a silver spoon in their mouth but no moonshine to drink see a window to strike back.

Donald Trump came along and did his job. He’s also an installment from the fascist right and he did what he was sent to do changing the composition of the Supreme Court to favor the hard right – constitutional or not. Some of last summers SCOTUS decisions were brazenly unconstitutional with intent to enable fundamentalist religious zealots to reengineer the social spectrum. More recent decisions appear to have the right idea but seem to have been applied liberally out of context further signaling willingness to accept illegal and unconstitutional human rights violations in broader contexts. It’s fascism with intent.

It’s not as though Tommy Battles’ political machine was ever above the back room deals made in the used car dealerships lining University Drive. But, for a long time you kinda accept the fact that politics is a dirty game. And really, who of my generation never stopped by the barbeque on Oakwood Avenue to grab a six pack to go on Sunday morning when blue laws still ruled the day.

Nowadays, however, I’m seeing a darker side. One fueled by the vindictive and malicious drive for revenge. For some, that bitter pill was harder to swallow than it should’ve been. But, when you pull the magic carpet out from under someone who already knows but won’t admit that they’re standing on tenuous ground with no place to go – it kinda leaves a bitter taste in their mouth, and a sickness in the pit of their stomach – even after they spit out the pill.

So, the good old boys are emboldened and for the wary and experienced eye to see, acts of evil are being perpetrated. Ritualized bloodshed, cerealized murder, acts of rape and torture, false imprisonment and violations of Church and State separation are all occuring with premeditated political intent – i.e. domestic terrorism. Gihad.

The FBI knows – I told them – they admitted it. Some things happen before they can be stopped but others can be headed off or curtailed in real time. I guess they’re too busy chasing bank robbers to see the other mayhem because – they don’t intervene when they could.

I know, with 5000 agents in Huntsville, they must feel they’re understaffed. On the other hand, one recent comment by a government official said they need to get the FBI headquarters out of Washington before they are infected by liberals.

Here’s the real bottom line. The FBI is already infected, not by conservatives, but by the same fascists already running local law enforcement, and they are the installments of them good ole boy Old South families with an undeserved sense of entitlement still looking to reposses their magic carpet.

The FBI is obviously a toxic mix of incompetence and corruption that would only further caramelize organized crime in a town like Huntsville. Not only is Huntsville better off without the “HQ2” already here, but certainly doesn’t need any more of the riff raff that would come with moving the official headquarters here.

My opinion isn’t that the FBI should be defunded – they should be abolished completely. The only way to restore integrity to a desperately needed level of law enforcement is to cut down the tree and start over with a new set of hiring protocols designed to avoid the political bias so obvious at this time.

©2023 – Jim Casey

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