The Super Bowl Of Fascism

Just watching the Morning Show story on all the preparations for this Sunday’s Fascsim Bowl. All kinds of illegal surveillance is being used including individual cell-tracking, xray vision on vehicles, and facial recognition from vantages and using technologies that have already been deemed illegal invasions of privacy.

It never ceases to amaze me that 50 something year old people, apparently still drunk on color TV and rocket fuel from the 70’s, revolve their entire life around a game that should have lost it’s relevance for anyone over the age of 30. The depth and enduring nature of this cultic indoctrination indicates codependent personalities that usually end up being very costly for them and their families. Even if they do manage to walk the precarious tightrope of insanity in their personal lives, the damage done to culture, society, and the freedom and liberties in our constitutional democracy is incalculable.

Personally, I would rather watch a republican debate rerun than the Super Bowl. But then, I’m a grown up. If you’re over 30, you should be too. The people who haven’t grown up have not opened their eyes to see that they are supporting the fascism and decadence that they so often decry. You can’t protect your privacy by never uploading your face to facebook, and then support the biggest testing ground for invasion of privacy that there is. You have already set an example for an indoctrinated Internet generation who actually believe the lie that privacy is unatainable in the communications age. It’s built on the 911 lie that ‘everything has changed.’

Nothing has changed. Selfish, greedy, miopic, children have taken over a new playground because their selfish, greedy, miopic and decadent parents don’t mind flushing down the toilet bowl all that blood and sacrifice that gave them liberty, freedom, privacy, and the other constitutional rights that made it all possible.

This Sunday, when you can’t control your algirythms long enough to open your eyes and see past your nose, just know that the Chinese, and North Koreans, are wide awake and thinking how best to go about introducing you to the next ‘Dear Leader.’