Fascist Capitalism – The Unseen Boogerman

The thread is sometimes hard to see. It is however, what unites both presidential candidates, and even Huntsville’s own demagogue – Tommy Battle.

In truth, greed and power are the oldest motivators. These remarks are motivated by Trump’s entrance to Freddie Mercury’s ballad. Trump don’t really care about the idealistic conflict, as long as it makes money. Ironically, the joke may actually be on the republicans if it turns out Trump can make money on the homos. He probably would even invite one to his office. Some of them homos represent a LOT cash flow. Pun intended. It has been rumored, unfortunately, that Trump’s opportunism even extends to the likes of El Chapo. Who could pull off those rediculous prison bathroom escapes, after all, without some kind of Hollywood entertainment contract…

Hillary really isn’t interested in her own feminist facade either, when it comes to an opportunity to advance the territory of her own kind – the attorney’s.

Oh, and Tommy Battle. Well, he’s the kind of guy who’s been known to suggest “crack whore” is a good job description.

As for me, I’ve always been pragmatic, and a little opportunistic. There is a limit, however, where I can’t agree with people who think “professional” means anything goes. I just call that organized crime or conspiracy.

God rest Freddie Mercury. Who the champion’s end up being in this presidential election is yet to be seen. I don’t the American people are going to win, though.